Coming Soon On Twenty Nine Inches

Due to the snow covered trails in the Mid-West, reviews and tests have been on idle. Here are some things we’re in the middle of that we wanted to point out. Look for testing/reviewing to resume soon now that the weather is turning around and headed towards Spring.

Fargo in B&W

Salsa Fargo: We still are going to be doing some different things with the Salsa Cycles Fargo Right now the plan is to have some racks fitted to it and then later on the Fargo will be put to the test in “bike packing” mode. We will also be doing some gravel grinding on this rig to get a feel for the Fargo in a multi-hour ride situation.

Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29″er: We will be returning to the Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29″er for some rides and then we will give you our final review and opinions on this nice steel single speed. Look for that update sometime in late March, if the weather cooperates.

Edge wheels on the Leviathan

Edge Composites rims/American Classic hubs: While I finished up my end of the testing on these, and gave them a spot on my 2008 Top Ten List, we are not finished with them yet! Grannygear is thrashing these for our long term review in SoCal, so look for an update on these wheels coming your way this spring.

Easton XC-One SS wheels

Easton XC-One Single Speed wheels: While Captain Bob recently broke his arm in a fall off his bike on the ice, it won’t stop him from getting back on these Easton XC-One single speed wheels and getting an update on them for us. I suspect it might be early April before we hear from the Captain, but he’s planning on giving these wheels what for as soon as he can get back on the bike. (Heal well, Buddy!)

Missfit Psycles Dissent

Misfit Psycles Dissent: I’ll be getting the Dissent dirty soon hopeflly and will be back with our first update on this nice aluminum frame and fork. Also- Look for updates on Misfit Psycles “Cod Cog”, “FuBar”, and “Fu2Bar” over on The Bike Lab.

Specialized Tires

Specialized Tires: We will also be finishing up our Mid-western leg of testing on the Specialized tires: The Eskar, The Captain, and the Fast Traks. Look for the wrap up on those to occur in late March/early April.

Plus: Coming Attractions!: It looks to be a busy spring/summer at Twenty Nine Inches. Look for more tire tests, wheel reviews, and we have a couple more bicycles confirmed for testing and review that should show up yet this spring. We will have exclusive coverage of Salsa Cycles and Surly Bikes from Frostbike. We’ll be at Sea Otter in April looking for anything big wheel related, and we will always be here to bring you any news and rumors that pop up over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned to Twenty Nine Inches for more!


No Responses to “Coming Soon On Twenty Nine Inches”

  1. Hal Says:


    It would be nice to hear your opinion of the DiSSent vs. other budget-priced 29er single-speeds. The DiSSent looks like a really great deal, and I am curious to see how you think it stacks up against similar rides.


  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hal: Once I get more trail time on the Dissent, I will give you that opinion. Stay tuned……

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:


  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dirt: You didn’t catch that the first time I posted it? πŸ˜‰

    I’m a bit disappointed in you, man! πŸ™‚

  5. Sevo Says:

    GT Come out for our bike show/weekend here in Colorado Springs Thurs-Sunday it’s 60+ most days, trails are clear, and 60+ miles of singletrack JUST IN city limits alone. Let me know. Love to have you out has some of the show info.

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    Sevo: Thanks for the invite, but I am scheduled to make a trip to Frostbike next weekend already. I’ve got good friends in Colorado though, and I will let ya’all know when I do finally get back out that way. πŸ™‚

  7. jncarpenter Says:

    Any news on the new Marzocchi 140mm fork? I have a new build that is fast approaching & desperately NEED it! πŸ˜‰

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    jncarpenter: I have not heard anything since Interbike when I was told that the whole W.F.O. project was being held up by the lack of any forks for them. At that time the thinking was “sometime in the spring”.

    I won’t hold my breath and if they show up in time for Sea Otter, I’d be mildly surprised.

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