Misfit Psycles Dissent Frame and Fork: Out Of The Box

Here is the Misfit Psycles Dissent 29″er frame and fork that we have to build up for our review. We decided on the 19 inch size, so our numbers will reflect this. Let’s take a look at what we have here.

Misfit Psycles frame and fork
The Misfit Psycles Dissent is an aluminum affair with an unusual aluminum rigid fork.

Misfit Psycles speaks “29”er” in the aluminum dialect. Here are some points taken from the webpage on the Dissent:
-DISC ONLY (Disc/V Available in ltd sizes and qtys)
-6061 Aluminum
-Corrected for axle to crown of 470mm +/- (approx 90mm suspension allowing for 80mm or 100mm)

So, we have the disc only version and from the specs we can see that Misfit Psycles took a unique approach in designing for the possibility that an end user may opt for a 100mm or 80mm suspension fork. What the specs don’t say is that the top tube and the down tube is ovalized for strength and also to maximise weld area. The top tube is bent for better stand over clearance. There are also some pretty hefty gussets on top of the head tube and underneath the down tube at the head tube junction. This frame looks pretty burly up close.

Head tube on the Dissent
The head tube area of the Dissent looks well reinforced.

Misfit Psycles employs the slider style drop out to achieve proper chain tension in single speed mode. (An optional drive side slider with a derailleur hangar is available separately.) The design incorporates the option to run a Rohloff internal geared hub as standard. As with the rest of the frame, these drop outs look beefy and substantial, owing to their construction in aluminum. The non-drive side drop out incoporates the disc brake mount, so no need to fret about constant caliper futzing when removing the rear wheel, or changing cog sizes. The drop outs are secured by means of two six millimeter bolts per side.

Drop outs
The aluminum drop outs look pretty burly.

The fork is aluminum stem to stern, which is unusual in the world of 29″ers. It also features thick drop outs with generous length to the slots for the axle to nest into. These drop outs also have fender eyelets, for those so inclined.
Fork drop outs

The fork blades are slightly curved and join the steer tube in typical uni-crown style. The Dissent fork is also constructed from 6061 Aluminum and has an offset of 45mm. The listed axle to crown is 465mm, but ours is measuring at 475mm. (Note: Info taken from the fork page on the website.) The fork also features the typical 1 1/8th” steer tube at a 300mm uncut length. I especially liked the addition of the hose guide behind the left fork leg for the front brake. Nice touch!

Dissent fork
The Dissent fork is made from aluminum, not your usual fork material for 29″ers.

The weights of the frame and fork were remarkably similar to the stated figures on the website. The frame weighed in at 2080 grams 4.58lbs, with sliders and bolts included. (Website figure was 38 grams less) The fork came in at 740 grams/ 1.63 lbs, which was slightly less from the figure on the frame page. (Website listed at 750 grams) The head tube angle is listed at 72 degrees and the seat tube angle is listed at 73 degrees. The top tube measures an effective distance of 24.13 inches on our 19″ tester. We’ll take some fresh measurements after our build to confirm these numbers.

Stay tuned for our details on the build which will appear on The Bike Lab soon. We’ll be back with the final build and some more impressions soon.


No Responses to “Misfit Psycles Dissent Frame and Fork: Out Of The Box”

  1. dave Says:

    This is very much a “non-boutique” frame, the kind usually NOT tested by mags/sites, etc. Major props for testing it!

  2. Anthony Says:

    I’ve been running mine (XL) with a 100 mm Reba. With a short stem it really gives a good balance for uphill and downhill performance.

    Can’t wait to hear what the great G-Ted thinks of this frame. I’ve only ridden one other frame so I want to hear how it stacks up in the world of 29ers.

    Hopefully you can get some miles on it soon!

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Any derailleur-ready dropouts for us clydesdales? Hmmmmmmmm?!?!

    Us fat kids like 29ers too!

  4. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Shoot, nevermind. I just noticed the “SS” in the middle of diSSent…. I’m retarded…

    Dang it. I promised myself I wouldn’t do any retarded crap today and I couldn’t even last till noon.


  5. Peter Says:

    ALL sizes of the diSSent can be fitted with the optional derailleur hanger.
    1×9 or 1×8 setup is a snap, true 3×9 compatibility takes a little more effort.

  6. Brendan Says:

    Curious to see what you think of the fork. The only aluminum forks I’ve ridden were either filling rattlers or surprisingly compliant (bontrager switchblade 29er). IIRC the Dirt Rag folks seemed to really like the Dissent.

  7. Rob in Ottawa Says:

    I’m interested to hear what you think of the misfit stuff. I have their bars, they’re good stuff!

    I could never figure out what the main purpose of their frame was. Racing? Trail bike? All around XC frame? I ALMOST bought one of these frames when I was shopping for a new mountain bike last year, but the low bottom bracket and vague frame properties scared me away. I did by the bars though, don’t come to Ottawa and beat me up Peter!

    I would love to try one of these out, maybe one of the Ottawa shops will start carrying these some day… 🙂

  8. Desert9r Says:

    IM interested in hearing about the fork, Love my origin-8 carbon, just wondering how it stacks up against the WOW

  9. Keith Says:


    I have had my eye on this frame as well as the OS Blackbuck.

    I would like to know:
    – How well do the sliders hold especially without any tensioning bolts?
    – Does this frame accept a 27.2 seat post?
    – Is the BB height about 11.75″? That could be a deal breaker for me with all the rock here in Central PA.
    – Is the frame powder coated or wet painted?
    – Any toe overlap issues? (my shoe size is 47)
    – Will a Reba fork clear the down tube?


  10. Dust Says:

    So the fork is made out of aluminum – would that fail faster than a steel fork? The weight is amazing. I think its on par with the PACE carbon AND it’s a whole heck of a lot cheaper.

    I haven’t ridden an aluminum fork for a long time and I can’t remember what they feel like on the trail. I can’t wait to hear about this build!

  11. Guitar Ted Says:

    Keith: I can answer some of your questions now, some after the build up and I get to riding.

    Seat post: 27.2mm
    BB height 11.75″
    Paint: Appears to be powder.

    The rest will have to wait until I get this built up.

  12. tyler Says:

    Fits a Reba fine. I have 47 shoes and never had any toe overlap. Not once have my sliders slipped. The BB height is low but once I got used to it I love it in the corners.

  13. daver Says:

    Another sz 47 shoe, and no toe overlap issues. I have the optional hanger, but I don’t see it getting used anytime soon (most of our climbs here in FLA are over in about two minutes, max). BB height… your eyesight magically gets better, and you begin to see lines that aren’t going to involve smacking a pedal or the BB. In other words, you get used to it.

  14. Cloxxki Says:

    Wow, that’s a light fork! As I run steerers over 100mm shorter, that would come down under 700g even, very light for such a long fork.

    Based on specs, the fork should be a good match on many 29″er, such as KM’s, On-One’s, older Fishers, Redlines, etc!
    With G2 specs, I bet they’d sell thousands of the forks…

  15. Guitar Ted Says:

    Cloxxki: The fork with steer tube cut to 8 inches, base plate installed, and star nut installed weighed in at 720 grams! 🙂

  16. Anthony Says:

    Lower BB was a big plus for me on this frame… My last bike had me feeling too high and unstable. This one has a bit lower BB and a bit longer TT/wheelbase…

    Even with 182 mm cranks, you can manage just fine. Like Daver said, you get used to it. I even had my 190s on there for a while.

  17. Scott Says:


    Really looking forward to your comments on this frame… especially when set up with a Reba (100mm?)

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