Misfit Psycles "Dissent" 29"er Frame and Fork: On Test

Twenty Nine Inches has just taken delivery of a sinister looking flat black Misfit Psycles frame and fork to build up for a test/review. We also recieved a Fu Bar, Fu2 Bar, and a “Glorious Cod Cog” which we will feature over at The Bike Lab, but will be installed on this rig as well. (Obviously, only one handle bar at a time!)

Misfit Psycles

Look for an “Out Of The Box” post in the next day or so and we will also be detailing out the build on The Bike Lab in our “Budget Build” series along with our thoughts on the Fu Bar, Fu2 Bar, and the Cod Cog. Stay tuned!


No Responses to “Misfit Psycles "Dissent" 29"er Frame and Fork: On Test”

  1. captain bob Says:

    great fot dude!!!

  2. captain bob Says:

    Ok. I meant great photo dude!

  3. Dust Says:

    Whoa, cool! I can’t wait to hear about the fork. I checked that out on their website and it looks like it’s really light. I’d be interested to hear how it performs. I’m looking at this one or the On-One Superlight to recharge my G1 geometry.

  4. mattybfat Says:

    Wow I glad to see I got something moving here, couldn’t be happier with my dissent . Can’t wait to see how it shapes up with you GT…..

  5. Desert9r Says:

    I have used the NU Bar for about 6 months, and love it, just enough angle in the back sweep, to ride all day.

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