Fight Cancer, Win A Superfly SS 29"er!

Many of you out there are aware of The Fat Cyclist and how Eldon, aka “Fatty” is helping his wife Susan in her battle against cancer. Throughout all of Susan’s and Eldon’s struggles, they have shown us amazing amounts of courage, grace, and determination. Now as if that wasn’t enough, Eldon has convinced Fisher Bikes to step up and commit to an awesome raffle opportunity for all the rest of us.

Superfly SS

Not only will the lucky winner recieve an exclusive, not for sale to the public Fisher Superfly single speed frame, but Fatty has arranged for SLC Bikes to kit it out as a complete rig. All you have to do is enter, win, and pedal!

In addition, Eldon has a goal of raising more money than any other team in the Livestrong Challenge. Travis Ott, Fisher Brand Manager put it best, I think:

Elden at Fat Cyclist has the audacious goal of raising $1 million and have the largest team at the 2009 Livestrong Challenge. I like the idea of a bunch of mountain bikers helping to punch cancer in the mouth.

You know what? I couldn’t agree more! Go here to donate to Fatty’s Livestrong Challenge fund. For more details on the raffle and how you can win the Superfly SS frame and components donated by SLC Bikes, go to Fatty’s page here.

Do it today!


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