Top Ten 29"er Products Of 2008: Final Thoughts And A List!

The new year has started and the Number One product of 2008 has been named: The Salsa Cycles Gordo Disc 29″er rim. With 2008’s Top Ten List now complete, I now will present all the links to the separate posts here in one place for ease of access. I also have a few final thoughts on the year’s gear with a peek at the coming months as well.

The Top Ten List Posts:
#1: Salsa Cycles Gordo Rim
#2: Continental Mountain King 2.4″ Tire
#3: OS Bikes Blackbuck Frame
#4: Gary Fisher Hi Fi Deluxe/ G2 Geometry
#5: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4″ Tire
#6: Diamondback Overdrive Pro
#7: Origin 8 Black Ops Fork
#8: Edge Composites XC Rim
#9: Siren Song 29″er
#10: WTB Tires: Vulpine, Stout, Prowler SL

Congratulations to all that made the list!

And Now, Some Final Thoughts: Looking back on the year that was, I can say that it seemed that not a whole lot of exciting new product came out, but in reality, there was a lot going on. Some things that we didn’t test or review bear mentioning here. There was the Fox F-29, the Pivot Cycles 429, Turner’s redesign of the Sultan model, and the Fisher Superfly.

I think that taken in as a group, the products and bicycles introduced that were 29″er related in 2008 were actually a pretty impressive grouping. It’s just that products and bicycles were released all throughout the season, and not just at Interbike or Sea Otter. Many companies are rolling out product intros on their own stage, much like Salsa cycles “Sol Sessions” this year, or another example being Trek’s dealer show in August. I expect the same thing to happen for 2010 products, but perhaps on a smaller scale.

Speaking of the future of 29″er product, which is going to be heavily influenced by the recent down turn in the world economy, I don’t expect to see a big change right away. This is because the 2009 product is already here, or in the hopper. When the 2010 product rolls out, then we may see some effects of the times. Whatever happens with the economy, 2009 will be an interesting year regardless.

There is some mighty interesting things on the horizon, not to mention the products we are continuing to test like the Salsa Cycles Fargo, Easton’s XC- One single speed wheels, and our wrap up on the Specialized 29″er tires.

We hope you will check back in with us often in 2009, but most of all, we hope you have the greatest year of riding bicycles- whatever type they are– ever!


No Responses to “Top Ten 29"er Products Of 2008: Final Thoughts And A List!”

  1. paragon jeff Says:

    Hey Ted, this is my firsy year on a 29er and i had a great time. I’m hooked….i love reading your feed it has been very informative and fun. keep it up!


  2. prphoto Says:

    I second that. Ted I’ve found your reviews to “fair and balanced” Even my Trek rep admits to reading you. (OK I beat it out of him) And it was great to meet you in person at Sea Otter.

    I have one bike its a 29er.

  3. Tim Says:

    #11: Fargo

    But why not higher?

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Tim: Because the Fargo didn’t get here until November 2008 and we are not even done testing and reviewing it yet. 😉

    Don’t be surprised to see it on the 2009 Top Ten List.

  5. Broke Cyclist Says:


    GF Super Fly released with a MSRP of about $3,400.00 (Pretty decent value)
    Mid to late season prices dropped to about $3,000.00 (Even better value border damn good deal)

    Saw a brand new GF Super Fly go off the floor for $2,800.00 mid November (Freggin outstanding deal/steal)


    GF Super Fly on the show room floor, slightly de-spec’d from last years model…..$4,300.00

    Do the math and thats about 21% mark up from last year….humm.

    I remember seeing bits and pieces starting around Eurobike and Interbike time that “Industry” was categorically going to raise prices 15-20% but I guess they didn’t see the global economy taking a dump either. Bikes are getting more an more expensive but lets take a look at the price of some motorized technology….Suzuki 2009 RM-Z450
    MSRP: $7,499.00 (0.97% more expensive than last years model). All new improvement in engine and suspension for 2009 and waaaaaaaaay more complicated than the most efficient transportation means developed by man, and definitely re-engineered more than the slightly de-spec’d 2009 Super Fly.

    I’m not seeing the cycling industry really developing ground breaking technology that warrants such an increase prices although there are some very nice but pricy improvements. Oh my just price the new Super Record 11 or Dura Ace stuff too just for fun. Can’t wait to see what the new SRAM XX group is going to cost either.

    2010 I guess will be the year to pick up a good deal on a 2009. Maybe we just call 2009 the year of the upgrade you current steed with some new components.

  6. joel Says:


    Look at volumes. The RMZ is a one size fits all bike that they will make about 15,000 of. In the MX industry riders have about 5 real choices of manufacturers.

    Now do the math for the cycling industry.

    Seperate fixtures/tooling for each size frame…that gets distributed among all frames sizes, even though quantities are way different. (ex, you are going to sell a lot more medium and large frames than XL, but all the prices are the same).

    The number of cycling manufacturers…. do you even want to take a stab at that number?

    Can you imagine if Suzuki was only going to sell the same number of MX bikes that GF sold of the superfly? The RMZ would be closer to $20k.

  7. mudslinger0009 Says:

    I currently ride a Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe 29er. I have gotten the CX racing bug and want a more responsive bike and lighter wouldn’t hurt either. I’m a bigger guy, 220#, so flex is a concern, which is another reason I’m looking to change frames. I have seriously experienced the “wag” of the HiFi frame.

    My question is about the Niner Air 9. Anyone have experiance with this frame and any feed back?

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