More News And Rumors

It may be time to throw another log on the fire and reach for that wool blanket because it is too cold for a ride, but the news and rumors are as hot as ever! Here are some tidbits to keep you dreaming of fresh dirt and rippin’ trails. Read on!

Soul Cycles Plans To Release A Carbon 29″er Fork: Soul Cycles, whose Dillinger 29″er frame Captain Bob reviewed recently for Twenty Nine Inches, is planning to release a carbon fiber rigid fork for 29″ers, but not just any ol’ carbon fiber fork. Nooo! This one is going to have some unusual features.

Besides the requsite forged aluminum crown, Soul Cycles is tapping Edge Composites, whose rims we picked in our Top Ten 29″er Products of ’08, to do the legs and steer tube in carbon fiber. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Soul Cycles is going to anodize the crown and color match the legs with the use of an outer fiberglass layer. This type of decorative wrap is common in the “white carbon” components seen in roadie circles. But hold on, there is more! The drop outs will be available in a sandard 9mm quick release type or in the new 15mm through axle type being pushed by Shimano and Fox Racing Shox. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, Soul Cycles tells us that they are going to add some “fiberglass layers to the carbon wrap and liquid damping additives” to reduce vibrations.

Also, Soul Cycles is still working on that full suspension platform, dubbed “Vegas”. It is a planned 5 inch travel platform and if the prototype shown on Soul Cycles website is any indication, it will be a single pivot, unified rear triangle type rig.

Whoa! We can’t wait to see what all this is going to add up too. Stay tuned!

Sinister Bikes To Develope A Full Suspension 29″er? We have also learned through one of our East Coast moles that Sinister Bikes, home of mountain bike legend “Frank The Welder”, is going to be working on bringing a 5 inch travel full suspension 29″er to market in ’09. This would be the companies second 29″er model alongside the all mountain hardtail “Simon Bar” 29″er which was introduced last year. No other info is currently available at this time, but we will stay on top of this story.

Please Pass The Fork! We reported in an earlier “News And Rumors” post that a 29″er specific tianium fork was in the beta test mode and would be released in 2009. We are currently making a request to obtain the “mystery fork” to get a review/test on this site for you all. Stay tuned for any further updates, but we are not expecting anything to come out in the open for at least a couple of months yet.


No Responses to “More News And Rumors”

  1. MG Says:

    It’s pretty amazing, but it’s almost 50 here today, and this is the third day out of the past four that has been this warm. Incredible. Fortunately I’m off of work this week too, so I’m headed out for long gravel session in just a little bit. Sweet! MW and I got four hours of pedaling in yesterday too, so we’re working hard to get the Christmas goose off our butts… and get ourselves ready for TIv.5. That sucker’s gonna’ sneak up on us here before you know it…

    Can’t wait to see that 5-inch travel Soul… that should be an interesting bike, but the trend to bigger travel 29ers is one that I’d love to see continue. More travel and big wheels means faster, safer riding over bigger terrain for more people. That’s how I look at it. I don’t see it as taking the easy way out, as some have suggested to me (“good riders do it on rigid bikes…” I’m told, which I know, since I too ride rigid bikes.). I see it as choosing the best tool for the job, and in big mountain terrain, big wheels/travel is a combo that can help more riders keep the rubber side down.

    I also can’t wait to see that ti fork… Man, that’ll be pimp.

    Good stuff… Thanks Guitar Ted!

  2. Sevo Says:

    Like the Soul Cycles fork idea other than 15mm thru axel. Shimano and Fox may be behind it but that’s it downfall too. Everyone else has and does a 20mm and for good reason…it works. It’s also been tested as a lighter and stronger alternative to 15mm or any other size.

    Question will be this….will the tubes be tuned accordingly? I imagine a different lay up schedule can be used (lighter) with a thru axel vs standard QR.

  3. Davidcopperfield Says:

    I am disappointed to see that there is little selection both in 120mm ground FS 29ers and forks.
    Is it possible to build a stiff frame with 120mm or more travel in VPP or DW link not weighing 3-3,3 kgs? Can’t it be 2,7 kg?

    We are seeign rumours about rigid forks and frames- it is fun for signle speeders but has little to none to offer the AM 120-140 wanting a light bike not a 16kgs tank with 2,5 kgs wheels.
    Anything over 2kgs + tyres and/or tubes is difficult to turn over.

    When Shimano releases 20/30/40 XTR cranksets mated with 12-36 XTR cassettes?

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    SEVO: I would imagine that Edge Composites will be on top of that, at least I would think so.

  5. Brendan Says:

    Looking forward to the Sinister FS 29er. I’m loving my stil very new to me Simon Bar so far, can’t wait to get my Manitou fixed up so I can give it a whirl with some cush! The Soul news is good to hear as well. The locals riding their bikes seem to dig them and the fork on my Simon has been great.

  6. ia_ss157 Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says that fork sounds amazing. Couple a CK wheelset with a standard ISO disc hub and you will have some options of what to run where. Plus it sounds like it might be a modular setup you can swap out between axle setups. It doesn’t sound like it is going to be ground breaking light, but the carbon steerer should help knock the extra weight of the fiberglass and liquid dampening additives. I’m not really big on the whole Buzzkill/Zertz dampening hype, but we’ll see how it rides. I think the carbon steerer will make a larger difference in ride quality than the extra dampening efforts.

    I’ll take one without even seeing it. It will match up well with the 2009 race sled I have coming…

  7. GlowBoy Says:

    If that Ti fork is built more solidly than the notorious XACD forks of the past, has a decent length (468mm-ish) and offset (at least 43mm) and is priced lower than the custom options, count me interested.

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