Haro Releasing 650b Full Suspension

Yes, over at Jill’s (Haro’s main lady) blog she spilled the beans about 2010 bikes and specs.  The biggest thing to me was the 650b full suspension rig.  She also mentioned purple bits on bikes, which is also exciting to me.  The more purple, white and brown the better.

From Jill’s site :

We’re going to be introducing a 650B full-suspension bike based on the Sonix suspension platform. This will be a 120mm travel bike using a White Brother Magic 650B specific fork. We’re shooting to have this bike retail for about $2,600.


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  1. tom Says:

    So, what’s the deal with larger bike Co’s falling over themselves bringing to market a 650b mtn bike? I see a general closing out of narrow road only tires and rims throughout the bike industry at the wholesale and retail level. What’s the vista at 650b dot com?

    Tom Martin

    VO Imports

  2. troll killer Says:




  3. john Says:

    Last time I checked, Haro was the ONLY major OEM making 650b mountain bikes. I think there is a slow and steady increase in the number of 650b stuff on the market, but hardly a mad rush. The other companies need to finish madly rushing into the fixie fad before they can latch on to something new.

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