Top Ten 29"er Products of '08: Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year again folks! The list has been compiled. The deliberating has taken place. The positions have been set. Soon I will start rolling out my “Top Ten Favorite 29″er Products of ’08”.

Last year's number one
Last Year’s Number One Pick: The RST M-29 Fork

To recap, these products were tested by Guitar Ted from November of ’07 through November of ’08. Any products mainly tested, or completely tested by others were not considered for this list. Any products introduced in November and December of ’08 will be eligible for next year’s Top Ten list. Some of these products may continue to be tested and reviewed by myself or others, but have had at least two and a half to three months time in my hands. Most have been ridden far longer than that.

Okay? These products reflect Guitar Ted’s opinions and not necessarily those of anyone else in the whole wide world, so read accordingly! Look for the Top Ten List to commence in a week or so. You’ve been fore warned!


No Responses to “Top Ten 29"er Products of '08: Coming Soon!”

  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    Can’t wait. Your top 10 are always rational and well explained. Somehow, me thinks the Fargo will be really high on the list.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    GLG: Well, maybe next year! The Fargo came in too late for this year’s list.

  3. GreenLightGo Says:


  4. Brian Says:

    Anyone have a FELT Nine PRO or Nine SOLO? I have not seen a reviews on the 2008 Felt models yet on this site? I ride several brands of 29er’s and I was interested in seeing how the Felt offerings compare to other 29er’s.

  5. Guitar Ted Says:


    I rode a Felt Nine Pro at Interbike. Super stiff, efficient race oriented hard tail. I’m not much of an XC racing guy, but if I was, this rig would be high on my list of candidates.

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