Blackbuck 650b in the Wild

I was glad to see this past Friday in my blog reader that Black Mountain Cycles was busy putting together a bunch of 650b bikes.  Fortunate for all, the Blackbuck 650b was one of the fine steeds. With the Blackbuck comes the WTB Wolverine tires and LaserDisc Trail rim.

Check out Black Mountain Cycles blog for more photos and hopefully more input from who ever the lucky rider is!


No Responses to “Blackbuck 650b in the Wild”

  1. nalax Says:

    I like to read the Black Mountain blog to see the bikes that come through Black Mountain.
    Also waiting patiently for the 650b frames that Mike is developing.

    There’s more info from the owner on mtbr. I guess the new WTB is a steel bead version. Yeah, it’s a nice looking bike.

  2. umarth Says:

    Blackbuck makes nice looking bikes. I think I’d want a more utility focused bike because I don’t mountain bike every day, but there is always Rawlands.

  3. Arleigh Says:

    Utility focused = Rawland or a Rivendell.

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