Bontrager XR Tubeless Ready 29"er Tires: Final Review

The time has come for the final review on the Bontrager XR tires that are Tubeless Ready. We have been running these tires for awhile now. Here’s the final word on their performance.

XR Tubeless Ready Tires

As in our past report, I stated that the XR Tubeless Ready Tires were very plush, and they remained so throughout the test. The only nit with these treads is that they are very terrain/condition specific. If the hardpack that they shine on gets a bit of scree or “kitty litter” on top, then the tires tend to lose grip in the corners and steep climbs. Also, they do not get along with anything close to mud, and will not do great in loose rock. If you are living in an area that features sand or buff single track, these are a dreamy tire though.

Even though the tires stretched a whole bunch after mounting, they never did get as wide or girthy as my original XR’s are with a tube. This was a bit disappointing since the original tire was a great volume and true to size. Otherwise these tires are a great addition to the Tubeless Ready aresenal that Bontrager has. The tire line is said to be slated for a complete overhaul though, so there is no telling how long this version will be available.

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  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    Thanks for the update. Interesting though. Guy in front of me this weekend at the Coconut Cup series race had one on the front of his Spider 29 and lost it hard on the first corner (hardpack road w/ some loose scree on top, transitioning to grass), front tire just washed out. He was running 32 psi….

    I’ll still need to try one some day but don’t think they’re right for Miami!

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