Newswire: Fox Warns Against Modifying Its Forks

Recently Fox Racing Shox has learned that there are individuals modifying its forks for use with 29″er wheels. The company sent out this notice, which is also posted to their website, to warn folks that this is dangerous.

Note also that Fox takes this opportunity to remind folks that the use of 650B wheels in its forks is also forbidden. Fox does not make a fork model that will accomodate this wheel size safely.

Fox asks that any rider wanting a 29″er wheel to fit in one of their forks to consider the F-29 as the companies only option for that wheel size. For the whole story, please click on the link and read the information on Fox’s web site:


No Responses to “Newswire: Fox Warns Against Modifying Its Forks”

  1. marc b Says:

    Really? They don’t want you shaving their forks’ arches to run parts for which they were never designed? What do *they* know? The bastards…

    BTW: An F29 will fit a 650 wheel just fine (and safely). Won’t handle great, though.

  2. Shiny Flu Says:

    After loosing out in the case in England with the old QR Design, it makes complete sense that they’re openly warning people.

    If anything though, maybe Fox will release a 36-esque fork for a 29er? (pure speculation).

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Well, it’s about damn time.

    Their reasoning is correct, too. Too many Joe Blow/Plumber weekend warrior types out there will “customize” their forks and then all of a sudden, it’s a “warranty”. Yeah, sure. Whatevah!

    I’m glad Fox did this. It will save all of us shop guys a lot of time and save us from having to let the customer know that their full of crap….

  4. maximumradness Says:

    i am soooo waiting for the 36 talas in a 29er.
    best fork i have ever run and versatile enuf for all my bikes!
    now where’s that six inch free ride 29er i ordered?
    i really like the bcd 29er downhill bike, but that arch looked pretty flimsy….
    maybe a white bros. will do?….

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