Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tires : Preview took delivery of brand spanking new Schwalbe Racing Ralph 650bx2.25 tires.

If you remember the photos from Interbike I also had some concerns about the staff’s knowledge of 650b and it’s purpose.  I’m very excited for these tires and think they will be a great all arounder due to the volume and tread.  I really have enjoyed the tread on the Pacenti Quasi Moto but the volume has left me desiring more, especially on a fully rigid bike.  These tires should really fit this bill.  Plus this Racing Ralph used to be one of my favorite 29″ tires.


Yummy, triple compound!

The tread looks good from here.


No Responses to “Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tires : Preview”

  1. OBD Says:

    WOOT! yeah boyiee

  2. KP650B Says:


    These tires look really good. I am looking forward to your review….

    Fwiw, my 52mm wide Quasi-Moto is built on a 52mm casing; the same casing used on the 58mm wide Neo-Moto.

    You’ll need to find out the casing width of the RR for a direct comparison of the ‘volume’ between the Quasi and Racing Ralph, because you can’t assess a MTB tire’s true volume based on the overall tread width.



  3. Aaron Says:

    Anything from 2.25 to 2.35″ is pretty much the sweet spot. I hope more tire companies will keep this trend growing into something more permanent.

  4. Nalax Says:

    Looks pretty good. It will be interesting to see what the actual size compared to the spec. The Quasi/Neo’s are pretty accurate, some of the Schwalbes I’ve used in the past were optimistic, though I’ve never tried Ralphs in 26 or 29.

    It’s cool that Schwalbe has them available on their site but check out that price! My motorcycle tires are only a bit more expensive.

  5. Mickey Says:

    I’ve never actually ridden on a set of Ralphs before but my cuz has been raving about them for about a year now telling me I needed a set. And I just happen to have a second 650b frame in the design phase and will need another set of rubber once the frame arrives. But I’m really digging my Neos and plan to stick with them. However i look forward to reading your feedback on the ride quality of these tires. Looks like a nice tread pattern option in-between the Quasi and Neo.

    PS: Arleigh, I’m located in Mint Hill… I wonder if we’ve ever crossed paths before out on the trail. I’ll keep an eye out for another B on the trail.

  6. Arleigh Says:

    We have met a few times. I work in a bike shop and pretty active with TTB and Dirt Divas.

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