Black Mountain Cycles : 650b Preview

A frequent commenter here at is Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles. Before Black Mountain Cycles the bike shop, Mike was a bike designer with clients in the US and Europe.  From this Black Mountain Cycles frames were born.  All of his frames go across the spectrum of niches and pockets in the cycling industry.  Off the bat he has road, track, monster cross, 29er and 650b frame set available in steel.

Of course what interest me is the 650b.   His argument for 650b is first off – options.  Customers want and need options.  The example he gives is suspension and handlebars.  Do we only have two options for these? No.  People want more choices.   His second argument – sizing.  No compromising for a smaller rider like a 29er.  The smallest 650b frame is a 14″ compared to a 29er in a 16″.

The 650b frames come with full housing guides and sliding drops for geared or single speed use.  Priced roughly around $450 (depending on the market of course) they will be well priced for someone getting into the new wheeled mindset. If Mike’s frames are anything like his personality and shop I think we will have a great bang of a 650b.


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  1. nalax Says:

    Excellent specs and pricing. I hope that he sells tons of these!

  2. Mike Says:

    I’m humbled. Thank you, Arleigh. I’m really excited about my frames – even the 29″ wheeled ones 😉

  3. jim g Says:

    Mike’s shop is my favorite LBS — even though it’s 45 miles away! Can’t wait to see the frames!

  4. Andy Says:

    Anyone have a contact email? Here in Australia you mention 650b and all you get is a weird look from people. There are exceptions, Velocity in Qld (gotta luv them) and Definitive bicycles who bring in Kirk’s wonderful tyres

  5. Arleigh Says:


    What type of contact are you trying to make?

  6. KP650B Says:

    Congrats Mike!

    I am really looking forward to seeing your new stuff!



  7. MMcG Says:

    This is cool news.

    Where are the frames being built?

  8. Mike Says:

    The frames will be built in Taiwan in conjunction with a factory and people I have worked with for the past 15 years.

    Thanks, KP and JimG!

  9. Andy Says:

    Hey all,
    who do I speak to? and at what email address

  10. Andy Says:

    What is an email address I can reach you on about discussing options for Australia for myself?

  11. Mike Says:

    Andy, I believe you have figured it out as there is an e-mail from and Andy from Australia in my in-box that I am in the process of answering.

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