Xtracycle : Quasi Moto's

While tinkering with the Xtracycle last week I decided that swapping out the No Tubes ZTR wheels for Blunts would be a smart move before loaded touring/camping.  While doing this I thought to myself “boy I have a lot of clearance, I wonder if I could fit in a 2.0 knobby tire.”  Fit it did, with clearance too if I decided to go mud racing or something with the xtracycle.

Disclaimer: This is a 700c Xtracycle kit.

Here are some photos to show the clearance :

The ride on the road was suprisingly comfortable.  My commute up to work, with 45 lbs of gear and 2.0 knobby tires, only took 40 minutes longer than on my geared commuter biked.  2 hours and 15 mins vs 1 hour and 30 mins.   I don’t think that is bad at all, even if it didn’t have the knobby tires on it I think the time would be good.

I’m really impressed how the 650b handles on the Xtracycle.  I’ll be throwing something comprable on in a 26″ for a week or two soon to be able to really judge.


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  1. Jason Says:

    Hello Arleigh,

    This is Jason from Xtracycle. We love seeing users pictures of their individual setups as everyone has different ideas on how to build their Xtracycle and try things we may not have yet, like 650b’s.

    I just wanted to make a comment about your “Disclaimer: This is a 700c Xtracycle kit.” There are only two differences between the 26″ and 700c FreeRadical Kit:
    ++ The FreeRadicals are all the exact same dimensions. The difference between the 26″ and 700c FreeRadical is where the V-brake bosses are placed (the 700c’s are further away from the axle).
    ++ The other difference between the 26″ and 700c FreeRadical Kit is that there are riser plugs included in the bottoms of the V-Racks to give you more clearance underneath your SnapDeck for the larger wheels.

    FYI – Xtracycle is phasing out the 700c FreeRadical. In order to accommodate 650b or 700c wheels in the 26″ FreeRadical (which will be the only one we sell starting next year) is to use a brake adapter for V-Brakes or just use disc brakes.

  2. Quinn Says:


    Because I am a 29er rider, I have often wonder, just how big of a tire can fit?

    I definately would build a Xtra-9’r If I can/could fit a decent sized tire.

  3. Arthur C. Grudfuttle Says:

    So, does that mean an Xtracycle will work quite comfortably with a 29er wheel provided the SnapDeck is lifted clear?

    If that’s the case, that means I don’t have to find a suitable donor bike for a 69er in order to take advantage of the Xtracycle, I can build a 29er Xtracycle? Yes?…

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