Titanium, News, and Rumors

Way back in April, we reported about On One’s newest project, a titanium Inbred 29″er. Well, after much delay, it is about to become a reality on trails in the U.S. In a short note sent out by Brant Richards, head honch at On One, he had this to say:

The Ti29er frame is now in finishing at Lynskey Performance, and is available to US customers at $1700, shipped within the USA. See more details here:-

So, pretty short and to the point, but it looks as though these will finally become a reality. In other titanium rumors and news, we have heard of a new titanium rigid fork that will soon become available with a price tag of around $375.00. We don’t know much more as of now, but we are digging! Stay tuned for any further updates on that fork. Also, we are hearing solid news that another Lynskey produced titanium 29″er is about to be unleashed under another brand name any day now. The very first frames are arriving in a U.S. based warehouse and further details will be released soon. Again, we are staying on top of this story and will post any updates when it is cleared by my sources.

News from Niner: From Niner’s latest web-letter, we have the following tidbits. The figures on the new R.I.P. 9 are just mind blowing. We know it was reported at Interbike, but this bears looking at again. Also, notice their take on 29″er forks, which I have been writing about here for at least a year now, so you know that I happen to agree with them! Here is their text:

70% stiffer tapered headtube – tapered forks available from Fox and Marzocchi and we have verbal agreements from Rock Shox that they will be making a tapered fork, too! Marzocchi option is a 100-140mm travel fork recently developed by Marzocchi with input from Niner. The improved ride quality of the tapered headtube is so noticable that we believe that other 29er makers will quickly follow suit and that this will become an industry standard.

55% stiffer bottom bracket

· 80% stiffer rear end

· Replacable dropouts available to work with quick release,
12 millimeter thru axle, Maxel or Rohloff hub options.

· Hydroformed top and downtube

· Forged links and dropouts: top link is now one piece instead
of 7 and lower link is now one piece instead of 7. Simpler
systems are the most reliable.
Alloy hardware replaces steel axles

· New larger pivot bearings move easier under full compression

· Pivot bearings moved to outboard position to handle loads

· Due Jan-Feb 2009 – contact your nearest Niner Dealer to
pre-order yours now!

· Pricing $1,799 includes headset, Fox RP 23 shock

Other Niner news includes a complete J.E.T.9 offering. Again, from the Niner web-letter:

We are very happy to announce to you we have our first complete fast XC / race bike – the JET9 – now in stock. We’re all hard riders and wanted to spec this bike out right from the very beginning so it could be ridden to it’s full potential right out of the box – Stans Arch rims, Fox F100 RL fork, WTB Prowler tires, etc. MSRP is $4099.

In news from Twenty Nine Inches, we have just taken delivery of a sweet pair of Easton XC-1 single speed specific wheels. Look for an “Out Of The Box” post on these tomorrow. Also, we will have an “Out Of The Box” post on some Specialized tires coming up from Grannygear, a wheel building post with the Edge Composites rims we are checking out, a final post on the “Experiment in Front End Geometry” series, and more. Stay tuned for a busy couple of weeks, and beyond!


No Responses to “Titanium, News, and Rumors”

  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    I hope the On One bike sells well for them – price seems reasonable.

  2. MMcG Says:

    I hope they sell well too, but the economy scares me. I don’t think people are going to have some of that extra expendable income in 2009 that they did in 2008. Just my two cents.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Well, while the economy shrinks, our dollar gets stronger, and those who have them will be able to buy more with ’em. So, I think in terms of cycling, it won’t be a bad thing. I still think these titanium frames will be a big hit.

  4. mg Says:

    I hear ya’. I like ti a lot. One of those ti forks might just make its way into my garage. That’s for sure!

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