Kogswell P/R : Screaming Deal

Kogswell has an awesome deal right now on 59cm 650B P/R frame sets.  The reason is that the tubing is a bit wider than standard, which means stiffer.

The framesets come in two packages at $339 or $449.  Visit their site for more details (you need to scroll down towards the bottom.)  Or give them a ring 952-288-6165.


No Responses to “Kogswell P/R : Screaming Deal”

  1. Jumbly Says:

    Bargaintastic, I’d be mighty tempted were it not for the shortness of my legs, no way could I ride a 59cm!

  2. Steve Says:

    Kogswell uses a measurement of CT and the seat tube extends a few CM above the top tube. A 59cm frame is like a 56cm frame for most other bikes.

  3. Arleigh Says:

    Thanks for that input!

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