Interbike 2008 Hangover: In Pictures Part II

Some more leftovers from the photo vault to share with you all. Take a look here at some more Salsa Fargo details, Niner R.I.P. 9 details, and a few other notable things from Interbike 2008.

The Salsa Fargo is loaded with cool little surprises like this sweet forged drop out embossed with Salsa’s logo.

This is Salsa’s head honch Jason Boucher’s personal Fargo rig as he had it set up for most of the summer. The bike has well over 1000 miles on it that includes several hundred gravel road miles, lots of dirt single track and pavement riding. Upon close inspection, you’d be hard pressed to see any wear and tear. This is due to Salsa’s use of a new, more durable powder coat that keeps its sheen even after getting grimy and dusty. This is a nice touch that should keep Fargo owners smiling for years after their purchase.

Here’s a closer look at Niner’s revised R.I.P. 9 and its hydro formed top and down tubes with the plate style gusset tying it all together. This makes the R.I.P. 9 a much more precise steering rig than the previous version. You can see the tapered head tube that houses the tapered steer tube on the Fox fork which also is responsible for a lot of the new found steering precision.

The R.I.P. 9 has all new one piece forged and CNC’ed linkages that tighten up the bike laterally. (The photos are reddish due to Niner’s Outdoor Demo tent being red.)

All pivot bearings have been enlarged, moved outboard for better lateral stability, and aluminum was used wherever possible. You can also see the new one piece forged upper link here too.

The drop outs on the R.I.P. 9 are the only non-forged part on the frame. They are modular as well which will allow owners of 2009 R.I.P. 9’s to swap out to a Rohloff compatible drop out, or a Maxle compatible drop out. Separate drop outs will be available through Niner and Niner dealers.

By far the most impressive non-29″er product I saw at Interbike was this Chris King bottom bracket.The display had this SLX crank set up and with a simple flick the arms would spin at least three times as long as any other outboard bearing set up I have ever seen. One dealer was heard at the display saying that the King bottom bracket spun better than ceramic bearing bottom brackets he had been selling to his customers. All for much less than a ceramic set up as well. Expect to pay around $129.00 for a Chris King bottom bracket set up. You’ll have your choice of ten colors, including the newly released brown anodized hue, which looks good enough to eat. (But please do not try that!)

I saw the Wimmer Bike being wheeled around the Demo area with a film crew in tow. The bike drew astonished stares where ever it went. The bike has a claimed 7 inches of travel and this prototype was constructed in titanium. Finished bikes, which are slated to become available next summer, will be done up in carbon fiber according to Martin Wimmer.

Look for more Interbike Hangover pics coming soon.


No Responses to “Interbike 2008 Hangover: In Pictures Part II”

  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    GT – thanks for the updates. I don’t know about the King BB though, for the average guy like me who uses mostly Truvativ cranks (except for my beloved RF Turbines), I just have a ‘so what’ kinda feeling. FWIW – I’m plenty happy with my UN54 square taper and RF Turbines – they spin pretty well. Might pop for the Phil Wood stainless BB when the UN54 quits, but that may be a long time.

    I suppose if weight was an issue or I could generally feel drag, I might have a different feeling on the issue…

  2. MG Says:

    the fargo definitely does have some sweet details. i love its dropouts, its post-style disc brake mounts, the durable powder coated finish, the excellent tire clearance and its solid yet forgiving handling.

    that new niner looks pretty darn sweet too. i look forward to seeing one of them in person. they made a lot of common sense improvements to the second generation of that design. nice job to them on that one.

    i’m all for the king bb, but then i already own five king headsets. it’s not a stretch to think right now that i could own five bbs as well… it’s only money, right?

    but i do think you can feel quality bearings, especially after three seasons of use. i expect the king bearings will be the best. it’s certainly not a weight issue… the difference there is negligible. we are definitely in agreement on that.

  3. Hashbrown Says:

    Im glad that Niner saw a problem and immediately fixed it. But my god that is the ugliest plate gusset known to man, maybe im spoiled with my early gen Sir 9, but that just does not look clean at all. It literally looks like they welded a plate onto the frame instead of incorporated it into the frame design.

    Its good to see king release their BB on a side note.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hashbrown: I see your complaint, but consider that the top and down tube is a specific hydro formed, size specific tube. Having the gusset be part of that would have necessitated a big weld on the downtube, plus the top tube would have most likely been locked in at one specific wall thickness and butting profile instead of size specific.

    Additionally, the overall weight would have been increased due to the fact that more material would have been used with the integrated gusset and monstrous weld area.

    While looks certainly do play a part in our vain pursuits, performance was perhaps the main goal with the new version of the R.I.P. 9 more so than fashion. 😉

  5. mg Says:

    Good point, Guitar Ted. I’ll take performance over aesthetics in this instance, no doubt. Clearly they’ve done a lot of good thinking with the new RIP9, and I’m sure that from a practical standpoint, those new plate gussets line up with the peak frontal loads the frame experiences very nicely.

    I definitely like the 1.5-to-1.125 step-down steerer too. That’s a concept whose time has come. It should really bolster that HT/DT junction weld area in itself with a larger interface surface. Good stuff…

  6. professed Says:

    Sorry but i have to agree with Hashbrown.

    I don’t have any market research statistics on the weighting of aesthetics in buyer desscision making but based on my own experience, a hot looking machine will attract more interest and sell better than an ugly pup, even if the performance difference is measurable

    Niners have so far been gorgeous, fit, slinky babes in little dresses and high heels, this RIP is a ho with regrow dark roots, hairy armpits and shaving stubble…

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    professed: Umm……are you looking at the same pictures I’m looking at? I’m looking at a BIKE by the way. 😉

    This is Twenty Nine Inches, a bike site about Big Wheeled mountain bikes, not…….uh…………………………whatever it is you are looking at. (And no….I really don’t want to know. 🙂 )

  8. Hashbrown Says:

    wow this went to a creepy sort of place, and im gonna not try to continue the trend.

    I guess my main point of all this is that if you are going to be dropping the coin to get a RIP 9, which is close to 2k now, frame only, i would hope there would be a certain level of sex appeal to it. Much like how the Moots, Sevens, Serottas, and to a direct relationship a Lenzsport or Titus’s survive. If you are going to charge that much for frame only, not only does the frame have to perform flawlessly, it also has to be sexy to the max or have a certain niche to be sold successfully.

    Now to continue with the creepy…….

    Bikes are like ladies, they can perform completely amazing and give you the ride of your life, but if they are a messed up in appearance, there is a lil more reluctancy to go back for a second ride.

    with this in mind, beer goggles cannot help that plate gusset on the RIP 9.

  9. Cloxxki Says:

    I’ve now reports that either consider the Moots FS “best of show” and “most disappointing”.
    The former mentions that it’s Ti twice a sentence, so that gives me a pointer what to believe…

  10. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Must know more about Wimmer… MUST!

  11. Martin Wimmer Says:


    Wimmer is in Europe right now. We apologize in the delay to your post.

    I’m the North American rep for Wimmer Bike. Ask away and I can ensure you that I can get you what you want to know.

    Wimmer Bike has a very static site at the moment. You can check out some of the info there. We are moving forward toward final production I can assure you of that.

    Once final production has been tested then we’re gonna need the real tests to begin. Got any ideas on who might want to be the first to run it through the gauntlet?

  12. Guitar Ted Says:

    Martin Wimmer: You certainly are welcome to forward any information, pictures, or let us know if you are interested in a test/review of your bike at Twenty Nine Inches would be a great place for you guys to get some exposure on this unique rig.

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