Interbike 2008 Day Two- Part Three

Last time I’m posting today, then it’s off to enjoy some night life around here. Take a look at the following.

FSAs XC 290, based on the XC 390 SL wheelset, is FSA’s 29″er race wheel featuring a 23.5mm wide rim.

Easton also has a race wheel set or two for 29″er freaks. The XC1, available in single speed specific or geared specific versions, is available with an improved hub system over previous Easton wheels. Look for a review on the XC-1 single speed wheels soon on Twenty Nine Inches.

SE Racing also offers this big wheeled BMX rig appropriately called the “Big Ripper”. Replete with stem pad and rear only linear pull brake, big guys can now relive those BMX-ican days of yore.

The Elsworth Project Pink Evolve 29″er. I saw a couple of these at the Outdoor Demo and they were pretty sharp looking dirty too.

Intense Cycles showed this “hot” looking Spider 29″er with reddish/orange frame.

Not really a 29″er product, but cool none the less are these Ashima/Origin 8 rotors that we should be getting in to test over at The Bike Lab soon. Stay tuned for more on these hot looking rotors.

More coming on Day Three of Interbike 2008. Stay tuned!

No Responses to “Interbike 2008 Day Two- Part Three”

  1. captain bob Says:

    I sure do need a Big Ripper like yesterday. That looks like a hoot!

  2. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Intense and Ellsworth are both stuck at 100mm frames, why?

  3. Cloxxki Says:

    DC, you say that like it’s a bad thing. BIgger is better with all things except travel. Travel sucks energy, so 100mm is faster than whatever you’re looking for in a bike 🙂

  4. Lionel Says:

    The Ashima-Rotors are really cool. I have two 203mm rotors on my 29er Nishiki Bigfoot and I’m quite happy with them.

    You can find a review and many pictures here:

    Ciao, Lionel

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