Interbike 2008: Day One- Part Two

I’m back again with some more visual stimulation from Interbike 2008. Lots of things to see this year, but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper!

The Fallbrook Technologies folks were showing this Nuvinci hubbed Spot Brand carbon belt driven commuter. Pretty cool technology here. Nuvinci tells me that they are offering a six year warranty on the hub and that you can off road it, as long as it’s not free riding or downhill action. A third generation hub is in the works that promises further weight reductions, as well.

Ever wonder what the guts of a Nuvinci looks like?

This super cool looking Engin Cycles 29″er was in the White Brothers booth.

Beautiful details!

White Brothers is working on upgrading from 32mm stanchions to 35mm ones as seen on this prototype Fluid 150 fork. (Don’t expect the graphics to make it into production!)

Here’s the full monty with the six inch version of the Lenz LunchBox.

Schwalbe showed the 29″er version of the Furious Fred which should win the lightest 29″er tire prize at an estimated 335 grams each. (Really!) They didn’t look much more than 1.9’s to my eyes, but they are listed as a 2.0″ Schwalbe was very careful to say that it is really only a buff course racing tire and that rocks are a definite no-no. Expect Furious Fred to be available in December.

Versions of GT Bikes Peace 29er on display.

GT was showing the Marathon 29er again. Hopefully the design has been tweaked out to correct the flaws that I felt it had in the ’08 version.

Stay tuned for more soon!

No Responses to “Interbike 2008: Day One- Part Two”

  1. James Slemboksi Says:

    ooh….35mm stanchions! It’s about time. Now, if I can get that in 100mm with a TA, I’m SOLD!

  2. GreenLightGo Says:

    GT – in the Schwalbe pic – what is that on the far right? Looks like a 1.8ish Racing Ralph? Maybe it’s their Cyclocross tire?

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    GLG: The tires are as follows, 2.4″ Racing Ralph, 2.2″ Racing Ralph, the Furious Fred, and a Ralph cyclo-cross. Left to right.

  4. GreenLightGo Says:


  5. m_s Says:

    Hey Guitar Ted, any sight of the Zasker 29er? Someone got their hands on one and showed a pic on MTBR, but other than that I’ve not seen it in Interbik epics or on GT’s website.

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    m_s: I spent about ten minutes trying to track it down in their booth on Thursday to no avail. Most vendors were extremely busy at Interbike, so if you hit their booth at a busy time, it was hard getting information.

  7. popotimus Says:

    I’m considering buying a 2008 GT Marathon 9r and was surprised to see that you thought it was “flawed”. I’d like to know more about what you didn’t like about it. Thanks!

  8. popotimus Says:

    Nevermind. I found your review of it in the 2007 interbike outdoor day review. I agree with you that it is disappointing because the bike has a great price tag.

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