Interbike 2008 Day One-Part Three

Here’s your late night snack of bicycle porn. Grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage and settle in.

Funky bars with a sinister edge. Seen at the Cane Creek booth.

CST tires, parent company of Maxxis Tires, showed this new Caballero 29″er X 2.25″ tire. It has a fairly aggressive tread that should have a great retail price. It joins CST’s “Critter” as their two 29″er offerings.

Serfas showed the Drifter again and also a neat inverted tread 2.00″ commuter tire thatmight be a great choice for folks riding their 29″ers as commuters, or mainly on pavement.

Rocky Mountain showed a geared 29″er Hammer in orange and this variant in baby blue. The fork seemed to be a rather leggy affair. Check out the space between the tire and fork crown!

Kore Industries showed these great 29″er hoops that had a really cool disc brake rotor attachment feature. It used six stubs that protruded from the hubshell which interfaces with the six bolt International standard rotor we all know and love. Then the black alloy cap screws over the hub shell opening around the axle using the Shimano lock ring tool. The extra diameter of this cap covers the outer diameter of the stud pattern and thus captures the rotor on the hub shell. It look cool, and works slick. The wheels retail for $350.00 and sport 28 or 24mm wide rims.

Salsa Cycles showed their stems that are still in development and they look great so far. The tech specs are impressive with an improved “Lip Lock” stem cap interface, radiused edges so it’s carbon bar friendly, and the fastener hardware is titanium. No word on when the estimated 135gram stem will be available.

Going for more later. Stay tuned!


No Responses to “Interbike 2008 Day One-Part Three”

  1. TA Says:

    Kore?!?!? Can you give more info?

  2. GreenLightGo Says:

    That Rocky Mountain fork looks suspension corrected for 100mm !

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    TA: Yeah, old mountain bikers will recognize the name, “KORE”, which if I am not mistaken was an acronym for “Killer Off Road Equipment”. Anyway……I digress!

    KORE parts and components can be purchased through any dealer with a J&B Importers account. So check with your local bike shop for purchasing.

    KORE does a lot of seat posts, stems, handle bars, hubs, and wheel sets amongst other things. I’ll have more on KORE parts on our sister site, The Bike Lab soon.

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