Interbike 2008: Day One-Part I

Well, without any further adieu, here are some images hot off the show floor for your approval…

The W.F.O.9 makes its debut with the Marzocchi 29″er fork. Unfortunately, the introduction of the W.F.O.9 will be delayed a bit, so don’t look for any out on the trails till early ’09.

Even though the W.F.O.9 and the redesigned R.I.P.9 share many of the same design features, the W.F.O. 9 is Hammerschmidt compatible. A special asymmetrical lower link forging was designed to clear the ISCG tabs and still allow room for the shift cable as well. There is a lot going on under there!

Still in development, the Niner carbon fork is at the show and I will tell you, it is very light! However; Steve Domahidy of Niner Bikes will tell you it is very strong, surpassing all of the European CEN testing standards. Post mounts on this beauty and stainless steel inserts on the drop outs. Those are, by the way, the only two places you will find metal on the fork!

Niner was also displaying this cool looking white J.E.T.9

Niner’s two piece eccentric bottom bracket is also finally going into production for 2009. The only difference between this and the production piece will be that the cut outs will be facing inwards and the external face will be smooth to resist crud build up, and Steve Domahidy says it will make the piece slightly stronger as well.

The 2009 Mamasita, which is a great pearlescent red color. It made me hungry for candy!

The Big Mama got rave reviews at the Outdoor Demo.

Salsa has so many “home runs” for 2009 that the booth was packed with camera wielding freaks. This single speed, the Salsa Selma was one of the biggest attractions.

These Salsa CroMoto forks are sometimes overlooked, but they are fantastic riding steel rigid forks available in 468 and 440 axle to crown versions.

Origin 8 showed a new color and graphics package on the Scout 29″er. This is the aluminum version.

Okay, I’m heading back out to grabsome more images. Stay tuned for more.


No Responses to “Interbike 2008: Day One-Part I”

  1. elgordo Says:

    Guitar Ted,

    Any word from NIner on possible delivery f the new RIP? Also any comments or comparisons of the Big Mama and the Rip?

    Thanks for the excellent coverage.

    El Gordo

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    elgordo: The R.I.P. 9 is a very plush, very stable handling bike that would be a great all day, epic trail rig, in my opinion. The Salsa Big Mama is a bit more “racier”, or perhaps I should say more oriented to those who like less “floaty” feeling full suspension, if that makes any sense. Here’s my take on the Big Mama if you want to check that out for more:

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