Interbike '08 : Schwalbe

Wanted to quickly post up photos of the Schwalbe Racing Ralph.  From the rep in the booth it sounds like production is taking longer than expected and we should see a batch late fall.  Keeping your fingers crossed a larger batch of tires will be on a container full of ’09 product that is scheduled to arrive in December.

It was rather disappointing that no one in their booth had too much knowledge of the 650b.  It is good to see they are getting on board but sometimes “jumping on the band wagon” isn’t always the right way to go about it.  Sure, more tires are going to be good for the consumer and retailer to sell this new wheel size but when the own company isn’t sure what is going on with the tire they are making.. how should I know??


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  1. Gabee Says:

    Great Stuff !!!!!!!! Go Schwalbe !!!

  2. Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tires : Preview | 650b Says:

    […] you remember the photos from Interbike I also had some concerns about the staff’s knowledge of 650b and it’s purpose.  […]

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