Interbike '08 : OS Blackbuck

Mark Slate from WTB and was on hand at the Outdoor demo yesterday and confirmed many things.  Tires and rims will be a seperate post but the thing I want to touch on is the new OS Bikes Blackbuck 650b frames!

The purpose behind designing a 650b frame is when Mark was trying to design a smaller 29er frame for OS Bikes he kept running into many issues.  Enter in 650b.   The bike will hold all the same features and price of the 29er sister but in a smaller wheel size.

Today when I was at my first appointment of the day with WTB there was a package that came in from Mark.  The first proto of the 650b frame for Mark to test out!


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  1. Interbike ‘08 : WTB Tires and Rims | 650b Says:

    […] My first appointment on day one of the indoor show was with one of my favorite marketing guys in the industry, Dain Zaffke, from WTB.  The purpose was for TheBikeLab and also to get the scope on the new 650b tires and rims that I mentioned in the previous OS Bikes post. […]

  2. MMcG Says:

    Wow – this is pretty cool news. Keep us posted on the geometry numbers Arsbars!

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