Interbike Outdoor : Haro Beasley

Today was one of the Outdoor Demo days at Interbike 2008.  Taking 30 minutes out of my day to ride the Haro Beasley was a must.  I missed my chance at Sea Otter this past spring due to scheduling and not a full supply of demo bikes.  For Interbike Haro was ready with many 1×9 and SS bikes and I was ready to ride.

Jill, the Brand Manager at Haro, installed my pedals on the single speed 18″ and gave me some input on trails.  I quickly left the crazy pit of tents and people milling around to climb up a gentle gravel road to where all the Bootleg Canyon trails lay.  Passing most the trail heads, I continued up to get a good view of what lay below and to figure out a not so busy trail to test out the bike.  Lowering the PSI in the Pacenti Neo Moto’s I picked a trail with decent switchbacks, flow and rocks.

The bike quickly fell silent below me, feeling a happy center of gravity and knowing how the bike would respond right away was an amazing thing.  The fork was stiff but was easy to read through the rocks and switchbacks.  The rear end was rather comfortable with its squished stays.  When getting a little bit of air over the kickers you could feel the stays give a little at landing so you wouldn’t get the “ouch” feeling when landing not so gracefully…

I am interested to hear from Jill how many folks rode the 650b bikes that were at her tent today and yesterday.  Anytime I was walking by there was a steady stream of folks either dropping off bikes or picking them up.  That information should be available tomorrow as I left the Haro booth before it shut down today.


No Responses to “Interbike Outdoor : Haro Beasley”

  1. nalax Says:

    It’s too bad Haro isn’t selling Beasley frames.

    Since you’ve ridden the Ventana previously, do you have any more feedback on the El Bastardo at the Dirt Demo?

  2. Arleigh Says:


    No test riding the El bastardo. I should in the weeks after interbike have my final write up on the bike. With interbike and traveling craziness I haven’t finished up the article yet.


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