Interbike 2008: More Outdoor Demo

Here’s some more tidbits from the Outdoor Demo for ya’all to peruse. It’s massively dusty and hot here, but hey….it’s a day on a bike, so it’s all good!

Sometimes the trail obstacles were alive!

I had a chance to ride this Kona full suspension 29″er. It is an interesting bike that definitely has possibilities as a XC/light trail/Endurance rig. Kona had this one set up as a XC-ish rig with the Shimano 29″er wheels and 2.1 rubber. I felt that the choice of wheel was holding this bike back a bit. Otherwise it seemed to be a capable rig. The suspension was very plush in the back and perhaps a bit mismatched with the front which felt a bit harsher in comparison. Of course, playing with settings and some tuning may bring the best out of this interesting rig. As it was set up for me, I didn’t think it was taking advantage of what the design seemed to have on offer.

Twenty Sixer Alert!: Don’t read on if a 26″er chaps yer hide, mmkay? Here we have Gary Fisher Bike’s newest trail bike, the Roscoe. Now why in the world do you think I would be riding this bike? (Think: The Future). The Roscoe was a really fun trail bike with an incredibly stiff frame, plush suspension, and the ABP brake pivot system, which I found to be extremely effective at reducing the rear brake chatter going into corners. Perhaps……just maybe someday we’ll be seeing something like this with a bit bigger wheels coming from Fisher. It would only make the design better, of course!

Now, back to a proper big wheeled bike! The Fisher Superfly is pretty well known out there. I rode this bike to get a baseline for another carbon hard tail I’ll report on later. The Superfly was a rocket! Climbing was a breeze, noticeably easier than anything else I had ridden on the day. The other thing I noticed was that the frame felt efficient, yet it wasn’t beating back on me as a really stiff frame is often wont to do. The wheels felt better than I recalled Race X Lites feeling. When I asked “Demo Ken” Derrico at the Trek/Fisher tent what was up with that, I was told that the Race X Lite now uses a new Scandium enhanced aluminum rim. It definitely felt stiffer than the previous generation of Race X lite 29″er wheels.

Check back later for more Interbike 2008 reports coming soon!


5 Responses to “Interbike 2008: More Outdoor Demo”

  1. skidder Says:

    I just got an 09 Superfly and it rocks It is super stiff at the bottom bracket and headset. No lateral flex. It steers quicker than my 08 aluminum Fisher 29. A little more standover height is welcome too. This bike kicks ass. The only complaint is the awful baby blue color from my 2000 Mt. Tam has returned to haunt me…

  2. professed Says:

    well designed and made carbon hardtail 29ers are the bomb!

    talking carbon hardtails could you snoop about and see if there will be a range of sizes comming for the Orbea Alma?

    with the Alma restricted to only a medium size a lot of folk end up migrating to the superb Superfly.

    It’s a bit of cruelty by Orbea as the Alma frame is the base of the fastest, smoothest and best climbing hardtail I have ever ridden.

  3. Cloxxki Says:

    Yeah, the 29″ is the Olympic winning bike, but better…

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    professed: I checked with Orbea today………no go on the different sizing. Just the 18″er.

  5. professed Says:

    Thanks GT


    loving the reports ! wish i was there !

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