Rawland Cycles : New Product

Rawland Cycles have been busy little beavers lately.  Three new products and all looking beautiful.  I hope to catch up with Sean at Interbike and take more photos of these beauties.

The Drakkar – Disc brake, fixed gear machine.

What Sean from Rawland has to say :

“Named after the most feared Viking longship, the Drakkar is a convergent evolution of both the Olaf and my Ibis Scorcher. In keeping with Rawland design parameters, the Drakkar is an embodiment of the ultimate simplicity and versatility in a fixed gear bicycle. With the Olaf as the design platform, the Drakkar features the same versatile characteristics as the Olaf infused with the timeless simplicity of the Scorcher. With the disc front brake, the Drakkar is equally at ease with 650B and 700C wheels with tires of similar outside diameters. Like the Viking longship, the Drakkar is the epitome of fixed-gear bicycles that does it all: gravel, singletrack, road, and pretty much everything else.”


The Askeladden – 24″ youth bike.  Ready for any dirt your child (or small adult) might throw at it.


The Elgokse –  Chrome, sweep, vintage looking.  Yummy.
Sean’s words :

This is a homage to the time when 650B was the first choice of pioneer mountain bike builders just when the CCCP bought out all knobby 650B tires from Nokia.


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  1. Jumbly Says:


  2. nalax Says:

    The Askeladden is cool, with that I should be able to build my 9 year old a nice light 24er to replace her heavy old kid’s bike. Plus the ride should be great! All I need to figure out is getting shorter cranks that are decently priced. I can see this cutting into my bike budget but it will be worth it.

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