Visiting Velo Orange

Last week I was fortunate enough to make a short plane trip home to Annapolis, MD to visit my friends and family.  The other reason I was fortunate for this visit was Velo Orange which can be found in my hometown of Annapolis.  If you aren’t aware of Velo Orange, go check out their website.  A “throw” back to tweed, steel and classic looking bikes.  They’ve made and imported many fine products for touring, commuting and “relaxed” riding.

What are you talking about, Arleigh? As I have stated in previous post there are more and more cyclist that are getting into the sport to “enjoy the ride.”  No races to train for or objectives.  Going for a ride to ENJOY it.  This is what Velo Orange is about.  Making quality products that have that “retro/euro” feel with a decent price.  A compareable company (in my mind) is Rivendell Bicycle.

In the below photos you’ll see a couple prototypes, including the tan tool bag hanging under the Brooks Saddle and the Ostrich looking handlebar bag.  Long term that bag will be in a black coated canvas and much less than the Ostrich that they sell.


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