Interbike 2008: Sneak Peeks from Fuji and Felt

Here are some new 2009 models coming your way from Fuji and Felt. These should be shown at Interbike. Look for any ride impressions I can gather from riding some of these 29″ers and more next week at the Outdoor Demo.

Here’s a new one from Fuji all kitted out in SRAM goodies and retailing in the neighborhood of $4500.00. It has a 100mm travel rear suspension based on the Horst link design.

Fuji will also offer its Tahoe line in three models with three different component specs. Prices start at about a grand.

Felt Carbon bike

Here’s a hint at what the Felt line will feature for 2009. Their carbon prototype seen at Interbike last year will hit production in three spec levels for 2009. They also will be offering a super lightweight version of this frame, to be sold as a frame only. It is rumored to be a carbon/nano tube type construction. It is said that the frame set price is about the same as a complete Felt carbon 29″er!

Stay tuned for more coming soon in our Interbike coverage starting this coming Sunday.


No Responses to “Interbike 2008: Sneak Peeks from Fuji and Felt”

  1. skidder Says:

    I like the artists rendition of the Felt. Must not be out of the oven in China yet.

  2. martini Says:

    If I could do that smarmy rolls eyes icon here I would. snobbery at its best right there….

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Martini: here here!

  4. My1stMTB Says:

    any ride impressions yet of the Tahoe’s ?

  5. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Four thousand dollar Fuji? WTF?! Really?

    I guess there really IS a sucker born every minute. And they usually walk into Fuji Dealers…

  6. joeschmo Says:

    I raced a Fuji OUtland for 3 years and did well with it. Fujis aint for suckers! I have a Fuji Cross with around 4000 miles on it.

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