Interbike : Predictions

1.  Steel

Steel is real correct?  I, for one, believe this. More people are finding the benefits, longevity and usefulness of a good steel frame.  While the industry is seeing prices rise and production time lengthen the frame manufactures are still adding more steel frames to their catalog for next year.

2.  More relaxed geometry “touring type” bikes

Most catalogs 5 years ago held all racing bikes, aggressive geometry, room for 700x28c (if you were lucky) tires and a mix of aluminum or aluminum and carbon materials.  Masi has already released their randoneering bike for next year which can be seen on Commute By Bike.  Could it be that we will start seeing more  people strapping on helmets, racks and not heart rate monitors or power meters?  The industry is changing before our eyes.  Commuters, touring folk and people that want to ride a bike with out being in a racing position!

3. 650b – wheels.

A good amount of rim offerings from a tubeless to one or two more “all mountain” and maybe more?  Time will only tell how many more full wheel manufacturers will jump on board.  It is very exciting to sit on the side lines as manufactures get ready for the big show.  Hearing rumors, confirmed rumors and photos of what is going to be on show makes it very hard for me to keep my mouth and hands quiet.

4. Suspension. One, could it be TWO suspension forks?

Suspension forks are the waiting game.  No one wants to be the first large manufacture that jumps in and then the 650b wheel flops and they are out money for tooling, setup, research and product.  Then you have all the wheel, tire and frame makers waiting for that suspension fork from a large OEM dealer to be ready.  Something cost effective to get on their bikes to see if this 650b will be for the masses.  Will it flip, will it flop, will people ride them, will shops carry them?  So many questions.

5. Multiple “smaller” brands trying the 650b water. (Especially those who missed the boat on the 29″ movement.)

The questions for most will be answered in 2009.   Will it flip, will it flop, will people ride them, will shops carry them?  So many questions only time will tell.  This should be an exciting ride for 650b this Interbike!


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  1. nalax Says:

    I hope Soma will be showing their production ready 650 frame at the IB show as well as from the other companies.

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