American Classic 29"er Disc Wheels: Sneak Peek!

I was forwarded these spy photos of some new American Classic wheels from an operatives i-phone camera. Details are sparse as of now, but if I get anymore information regarding these, I will update the post.

Another view of the American Classic wheels

It appears that these are 32 spoke wheels laced to the American Classic disc hubs we are familiar with on white rims. In a nod to Mavic, we see one spoke that is white next to the valve stem. The rim appears to be in the sub 28mm category, judging from the looks of that Prowler SL mounted to it, but this is only speculation based upon the picture.

Hopefully we can garner some details for you on these. White is appearing to be a fashionable component color choice for 2009 on 29″ers, so look for more of the same in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more pre-Interbike leakage and any news from over the pond at Eurobike that we can lay our hands on.

UPDATE: I recieved this e-mailed comment from Jeremy of American Classic:

“UH-OH! Yep, this is our look for 2009. For the record, we did not approve this leak. We have brought in white rims to this year’s line, and couldn’t be happier with our new graphics across the board! The white version has been dubbed Alphatype, but its looks like our black version is still a secret! Eurobike will debut the rest of our line. To add, we actually had request for a single colored spoke: ask and you shall receive!
We have also added more than just a new look. New hubs, new wheels, options galore!
Congrats to twentynineinches to getting some spy photos!



No Responses to “American Classic 29"er Disc Wheels: Sneak Peek!”

  1. Shiny Flu Says:


    Ahh the internet. Anyway, they look really good and I love the new AC logo. Will be at Eurobike too… can’t wait!

  2. chris Says:

    Nice wheels. I wonder if the color helps to mask the flex.

  3. XchokeX Says:

    Why didn’t neon green & white bikes die in the ’80s? I’d get a set if they were red…

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    chris: These are supposedly all new wheels for American Classic. I am hopeful that I will be receiving some more info tomorrow on them, but they probably aren’t like the ones we’ve all heard about before.

    XchokeX: Anytime a company ventures from the safe haven of black or silver components you will elicit reactions such as yours. It happens anytime “color” components become available in cycling. I think its great. Black and silver get old pretty fast too, ya know? 😉

  5. EuroWheels Says:

    That’s the current front runner for ugliest product of ’09 which already has competition from the Salsa Fargo (go far, get it, yea…we got it). Actually makes the white Fox fork look even further out of place.

  6. MAGPIE515O Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Maybe the wheels only flex when the rider is over the weight limit ? Say 250 or so 🙂
    Also, I think that there is a skill level required to ride the white wheels. Don’t worry, you’ll get there some day

  7. chris Says:

    Nice. I was trying to make a comment about the actual product and the amount of flex that others have also noticed. Maybe one day, Magpie, I will be of the skill level that will allow me to finish my ride fast enough to get home and wash all the brown off of my nice wheels. Or I might just have to walk my supple behind home because my ultra cool wheels flexed into a giant taco (mmm…taco…). I would just like to know if they have stiffened up the wheels before going out a dropping my hard earned $$ on a wheelset that will not hold up. Lipstick on a pig still smells like swine (mmm….bacon…)

  8. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Those look like transition wheels!

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