This just in : IRD Tires to be released soon.  Panaracer is in the midst of making these tires for IRD as I write this so hopefully we will see more proto’s in the future.  Rumor is Pacenti has a pair to try out so maybe he will pipe up for information.  It looks like from the photo a skinner Neo Moto tire.  Exciting to hear this news!  I’m looking forward to what all will be released at Interbike!

Specs: 650b x 2.1″ Weighing in roughly at 599 grams.


No Responses to “NEWS: IRD Tires”

  1. nalax Says:

    Thanks Arleigh,
    It’s great to have more options.
    This might also be a good tire to pair with the Neo-Moto.

  2. Easy Tiger Says:

    The Fire XC Pro is a pretty dated tire and probably completely interchangable for the Neo-Moto in terms of design, so I don’t know how much success it will have.

    Where’s a proper 650b go-fast XC/Enduro semi-knob???

  3. nalax Says:

    “Where’s a proper 650b go-fast XC/Enduro semi-knob???”

    Try the Quasi-Moto

  4. Andre Says:

    X2, try the Quasi Moto…

    Another good one will be the Kenda Nevegal when it is out. The 2.1 will be an awesome rear tire.

  5. KP650B Says:

    For the record, the Neo-Moto and the Fire are completely different tires and (except for factory of origin) have very, very little in common. The tires sport different casing size, different knob heights, different knob patterns and designed by different people / companies to do different things….

    If you are after a racing tire try my Quasi-Moto. Fwiw, there was a National Title won aboard this tire at Mt. Snow recently.



  6. gack Says:

    >>>It looks like from the photo a skinner Neo Moto tire.

    They look like completely different tires to me. They look similar to the old pany fires I use to ride. Great hook up but not directional enough.
    Also, not nearly as directionaly controling placed knobs as the Neos.

  7. scekAttex Says:

    I should email you about this.

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