Raleigh 2009 XXIX Pro: Sneak Peek!

I have mentioned several times that Raleigh was going to introduce a “deluxe” model of their XXIX line. After several “leaks” made to me, the Raleigh guys decided to beat me to the punch and went ahead and made an official announcement on thier own blog. It seems that the name settled on is the “XXIX Pro” model, and “pro” it is, just glancing at the spec.

Raleigh XXIX Pro

While not everything is nailed down on this extremely limited edition model, we do know that the frame will be constructed of Reynolds 853 air hardening tubing with a 2009 Rock Shox Reba equipped with the 20mm through axle Maxle Light.

Reba with Maxle Light

The bling spec continues with Mavic’s Cr29max wheel set, and top end SRAM kit featuring Noir cranks. This bike will be, most likely, one of the best spec’ed production hard tail 29″ers yet released to the public. Expect very, very few of these to be made. Raleigh is only doing a one time run of these and orders will go in at the end of October from their dealer network. After that, we’re hearing that they will not be done again until the 2010 model year.

Parts on the XXIX Pro

We haven’t recieved a complete spec list or weight as of this writing, but all indications are that the weight of the XXIX Pro will be around 26lbs. You can expect to pay just south of $3800.00 for the opportunity to own this rig. We expect this bike to show up at Interbike 2008, so stay tuned to our exclusive Interbike coverage coming soon.

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