Intense EX-2 Stickey Lite Tires: Update III

The latest round of testing on the Intense Stickey Lite tires have been back on dry trail. In the last update, I found out that tacky is okay, but wet and slippery is no good at all for the EX-2’s. This time the conditions were hardpack clay, grass, and a smaller amount of hard pack black earth with a liberal coating of twigs and branches.

Once again, the “velcro-like” nature of the EX-2’s were evident. I was going into hair pin corners downhill with nary a slip. I found that the EX-2’s like to be leaned over in corners with the transition being very consistent from vertical to slammed over. Climbing was good. No problems on the long extended climbs I did. Dry conditions are your friend with the EX-2 Stickey Lites.

It would also appear that the thicker side walls are doing a few things as well. I’ve noticed that the tire likes lower pressures just fine. They don’t show me that they are going to squirm and give me problems in turns. This is something I want to test further, so I am not ready to say how low I’ve gone in pressure just yet. The thicker sidewalls seem to help support the tire when leaned hard into a turn too. Also, those sidewalls will surely help to make the tire more durable, although I haven’t gotten into any sharp rocks around here to prove that out.

I have noticed some tire stretch on these tires. The original casing measurement was 51.2 mm. That has went up to 55.4mm. I have not taken these off since mounting them and this is with tubes installed. The tread to tread has increased slightly less from 53.7mm to 55.4mm as well.

Over all wear is fast. I can notice that the tread is wearing down at an accelerated rate compared to other tires I have tried. To be fair, there has been some pavement riding on these, so a softer tread compound is bound to be a bit more worn than something harder. Speaking of pavement, that is when I notice the weight on these tires. Uggh! Pedaling something with a lower rolling resistance and lighter weight makes you feel like you are flying when compared to the Intense tires. Again, to be fair, these tires weren’t really meant to be your all round, everyday mtb tires.

Stay tuned for my final asessment on these coming soon.


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