Origin 8 Black Ops 29"er Carbon Fork: Out Of The Box

Twenty Nine Inches has obtained an Origin 8 Black Ops 29″er carbon fork for testing. The fork was especially chosen for the “An Experiment In Front End Geometry” series that is still in progress. This Black Ops fork is also in one of the optional colorways for this fork, that being a white painted crown and drop outs. The other option has black crown and dropouts. Not only that, but you can choose your axle to crown length, as well. More on that in a bit.

Origin 8 Black Ops Carbon fork in white
Close up of brake boss

As you can see from the photo above, this fork is compatible with cantilever brakes. The interesting thing about that is, the cantilever bosses can be removed for a cleaner look when running disc brakes on the international standard tabs on the left drop out. The bosses for the cantilevers are hinged and use two 3mm bolts to secure the “clam shell” boss onto the fork leg. The bosses clam shell is lined with rubber to keep them from rotating on the carbon legs. Interestingly, one can position the bosses anywhere up and down the length of the fork, leaving one to believe that you could use the fork for 26 inch, 650B, or 29 inch wheels with rim brakes.

Origin 8 offers this fork in two axle to crown lengths, as mentioned. The longer of the two is listed as being 465mm and the shorter version, which we opted for, is listed at 420mm. However; when we measured the fork for ourselves, we found it to be 430mm axle to crown. Also notable is that while the weight of the fork is listed at 770 grams with an uncut steer tube, we found that ours weighed in at 950 grams with the brake bosses installed. Once the bosses were removed, we weighed it again with a result of 860 grams. Still a pretty light fork, but a bit disappointing when you consider this fork has 35mm less material in each leg than a similar fork we tested that weighed 950 grams with a star nut installed.

The Black Ops fork has a listed 43mm offset, so we felt it would be the perfect foil to the Blackbuck fork with its 51mm offset and 440mm axle to crown height that we have tested already. Actually, we were quite pleased to find that the Black Ops measured out with a 430mm axle to crown, which will make the comparison, (and set up!) that much easier.

The look of the Black Ops fork is quite nice. If white works with your current bikes graphics, you will like the pearly white paint on the drop outs and crown. The carbon is finished out in a “3K weave” and has a flat clear coat over it for that “graphite gray” look. The fork instaled with no drama, and we will be testing it out on a trail very soon.

No Responses to “Origin 8 Black Ops 29"er Carbon Fork: Out Of The Box”

  1. Desert9r Says:

    I have had my Origin 8 fork on my daily rider for 6 months now, Love it, cant weight to see what the test results are!
    Urban 29er

  2. XchokeX Says:

    Is that a picture of the actual product? It says 29 on it, but I was thinking you had gotten the 26″ version. I didn’t realize they had two different 29er carbon forks.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    XchokeX: Yes, that is the actual fork there and I also noted the graphic. While I do not have an “official” answer, I do know that Origin 8 intended that folks should know that the fork would clear a 29″er tire. Why they chose to put the 29″er graphic on there may be for this reason, but it would seem odd to have that there when using it on a 26″er for some riders, perhaps.

    So, I think there is an intent for you and others to know that, yes indeed, there are two 29″er forks, but one works for 26″ers, (and 650B, for that matter).

  4. Desert9r Says:

    so the 420/30 fork Does clear a 29″ tire?

  5. TA Says:

    Desert9r – Yes, it does clear a 29″ tire, and there’s still room.

  6. RC Says:

    I see on the White Bros Rigid Carbon fork the dropouts are for a nutted axle at 10mm. I run 9mm quick release axles. This makes it not so simple to get the front wheel in the right place and makes it necessary to clamp the QR extra tight. Is the Origin 8 the same 10mm drop out size? SInce it’s rumored the WB and Origin 8 are the same basic fork. I can tell you the Origin 8 canti bosses mount up just fine on the WB fork. (THANKS G-MAN!!) I am having 10mm to 9mm spacers/shims made to fix this problem. If any one is interested in a pair they are $15.00 delivered in the USA.

  7. RC Says:

    Email on the above at rogerlc@mwt.net

  8. th Says:

    So why do they have the 465mm version? To give more clearance?
    That seems to be the only length available I can find.

  9. TA Says:


    465 is the “suspension corrected” version. There is also a short version, in both black and white, 420mm.

    See your local IBD to get one!

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