Marin Bikes To Introduce New 29"ers For '09

In a recently posted story on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News website, it has been revealed that Marin Bikes will offer two new 29″er models for the 2009 model year.

Added to Marin’s two existing 29″er models, (the two urban models that accept 29″er tires not with standing) will be the Nail Trail and Pallisades models. The Nail Trail will retail for approximately $1965.00 and the Palisades for $1395.00.

Look for coverage on these two new models as we are able to get more information. Certainly, we will be checking into these bikes and more during our annual trip to Interbike………in only a little over two months!

No Responses to “Marin Bikes To Introduce New 29"ers For '09”

  1. AC Says:

    That’s awesome to hear they sold out of their 08 29ers. I have a co worker that bought an Alpine 29er, now he just needs to ride it…

  2. Desert9r Says:

    wierd I was Just looking at Marins site.

    I am a bit concerned about prices across the board, with all 29ers., I know prices are going up, but one has to wonder if, since 29er are still such a niche market, it may pay off to keep the prices low??

  3. Cloxxki Says:

    It’s not a niche market if you’re selling stock clean, don’t need to discount end of season.

    The sensible thing to do is offer more bike, should pride in them, and make money. Soon all XC bikes will be 29″, or at least it will get harder to sell 26″ at MSRP. Pricing will eventually be as it was before, just corrected for all economical changes.

  4. Dirt McGirt Says:

    YAY! More square tubes for the people!!!

  5. jeremy uk Says:

    All imported bikes are going to go up, given the dollar’s pitiful state and high commodity prices. They are going to go up in the UK , even with our relatively strong currency.

  6. Dirt MCGirt Says:

    It’s not just because of the dollah.

    Taiwan has revoked a sales tariff refund that they have been issuing to the bike companies that had their bikes built by Giant, Pacific, Caribu, whoever. This has caused the bike companies to charge more for frames built in Taiwan and subsequently spec the bikes with much lower-end parts kits than recently seen.

    Get out there and buy some 08 bikes, kiddies! It’s only going to get more expensive.

    My shop has actually stopped putting bikes on sale for the 08 season due to the fact that the 09’s are much more expensive for the same bike.

    Oh, and thanks to OPEC and the Bush administration, tires and tubes are going to go up in price very very soon if not already. Thanks, oil companies!!!

  7. James Slemboksi Says:

    I’d love to see Marin make a strong comeback. I wonder if the quality will come back under different ownership.

  8. James Slemboksi Says:

    I’d love to see Marin make a strong comeback. I wonder if the quality will come back under different ownership.

  9. GreenLightGo Says:

    Dirt – care to provide substance on your claim that the Bush administration is responsible for the increase in tires and tubes? That’s a big stretch.

  10. Dirt McGirt Says:

    They’re petrolium based products. The U.S. is causing unrest in a lot or oil producing countries around the world and backing down to OPEC. Plus most of the administration is in the back pocket of big oil, so why the heck would they do anything about the rising prices? It benefits whitey, so why put a stop to that?

    Plus, I’m from Seattle, everything is the republicans’ fault… bottom line.

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