Raleigh 2009 29"ers: Sneak Peek!

It seems that our post on “Raleigh ’09 Rumors” shook a few images out of the trees. Here are are some photos taken by an anonymous photographer in an unknown location. All we can say is that these are pre-production samples and some variance in spec might be found once these actually reach the floors of bike shops.

Raleigh '09 XXIX+G

Raleigh XXIX+G '09

This is the new 2009 Raleigh XXIX+G. Now sporting hydro brakes and a bigger front rotor, the bike is spec’ed here with the Tora for ’09, (which looks identical to a Reba SL ’08 vintage) and otherwise appears to be relatively unchanged besides the orangy-red paint job and new graphics.

XXIX for 2009

Close up of graphics

Here’s the single speed, the XXIX, with the new longer axle to crown fork and a look at the cool BMX inspired graphics. I like the look and the new longer fork should impart a smoother ride than the old XXIX fork could ever think of doing. I have questions regarding the specifics on the changes, (ie: axle to crown height, offset, head angles ) in to the proper folks at Raleigh, so when I hear about the details, I’ll post an update.

I didn’t recieve any images on the confirmed XXIX Deluxe, but it is coming. When I get anymore information on it, again, I will post an update.


No Responses to “Raleigh 2009 29"ers: Sneak Peek!”

  1. James Slemboksi Says:

    Identical? Looks like that Tora has Cro-Mo stanchions to me.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    James: Well, it could, but even if it does, it has lock out, and Dual Air, and….well, it’s the first gen Reba, for all intents and purposes. 😉

  3. Desert9r Says:

    words escape me,……. if they are trying to revive “the Smurf” they need to try a Lot harder.

  4. Dirt McGirt Says:

    The new Tora has cromo stanchions. I ga-ron-tee.

    Those look entirely badass, though!

  5. BearSquirrel Says:

    160mm front and 185mm rear should be standard for 29ers. Similarly, 140mm on the rear and 160mm on the front should be standard for XC 26ers.

  6. steve Says:

    If the only thing you’re going to change is paint, please spare us the Wal-Mart graphics. The original Raleigh on top of the downtube was so cool.

  7. jg Says:

    Thats Hot says Paris Hilton, the blue one not the lame one with the susp fork –

  8. dan Says:

    come on deluxe ! can’t wait till high roller comes out

  9. xxxix Says:

    I don’t understand how these bikes have “BMX-inspired graphics”….Am I missing something? Is it just the plain solid color with slight decals or what?

    I prefer the shorter fork. My Zion with Mary fork is too high and is aesthetically wrong with such a short headtube and all that air between the front tire and downtube. I’ve been considering a XXIX+G frame and XXIX fork (440mm)…guess I’ll have to find them used now.

    Is the geometry different from 2008 on the singlespeed frame? Have the geared and SS models always had the same geometry?

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    xxxix: The style of the decal is a style that is seen a lot in recent years on BMX street bikes.

    The geometry of the frame itself is unchanged from 2007. Yes, both the geared and single speed frames are set up with the same angles. the only modification to the main frame for 2009 is that the seat tube lengths are slightly longer.

    You can find steel and carbon forks that will mimic the original XXIX fork from several sources. Just check around, but some suggestions would be Origin 8, Salsa, OS Bikes, and several more.

  11. dominick Says:

    I have the original xxix(it’s orange…2007-?) I wonder if current changes will affect handling, and if so, should I pick-up a 2008 while they are still available? Or are the changes an improvement warranting an upgrade? I weigh 290+ and am very happy with the durability and handling,will stay suspension-free.

  12. Guitar Ted Says:

    dominick: You’d want to keep the ’07 model you have then. The ’09 will handle like the XXIX+G, since now the XXIX will be suspension corrected, making it’s axle to crown length longer than your bikes, and slackening out the head angle ever so slightly.

  13. xxxix Says:

    So if I ran one of the 2007 XXIX rigid forks on a 2007, 2008, or a 2009 frame, they would all have the same geometry (except for the seat tube length).

    Do the 2007 Raleigh XXIX and XXIX+G frames have really different geometry than most other 29ers? If you ran a 440mm fork on any other 29er, I’d imagine your bb would be in the dirt.

  14. Guitar Ted Says:

    xxxix: Yes, you have that correct about the fork and frames from the three years of XXIX production.

    As for Raleigh’s geometry being different: Well, it kind of is unique in its own way. Raleigh managed to produce a 29″er out of the box that could handle a 2.55″ tire, had shortish chain stays for a 29″er at 17.25″ , and a head tube angle with a suspension fork of about 70.5 degrees. (Unsagged with a 80mm travel Reba)

    Some other manufacturers have similar head tube angles, but longer chain stays. Some have shorter chain stays and steeper head tube angles. So, raleigh is a bit unique in their own way.

    Regarding the shorter fork and BB height, read my findings on An Experiment In Front End Geometry series on this site. It isn’t as bad as you might think it would be. 😉

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