A Couple Of Interesting New Models

Recently Twenty Nine Inches has learned of a couple of new 2009 29″ers that are pretty interesting for completely different reasons.

First up we have GT Bicycles and their new “Zaskar 9r” hardtail. (You can get a sneak peek of it here) The venerable model, which has seen more variations and has been around about as long as David Bowie, is now set to be a big wheeler. The bike will be offered in a mostly XT spec with a Fox fork up front. Of course it has the Triple Triangle frame design, which has been GT’s signature since the mid eighties. Look for more on this bike as we can get the information.

Next up, at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, is SE Racing’s new “Big Ripper” 29″er. As the name suggests, it has some similarities to SE Racing’s classic PK Ripper from the 1980’s BMX scene. You will see a big wheel version of the Landing Gear fork, sans front brake, linear pull brake out back, track ends, a BMX style two piece block stem, cruiser bars, and a top tube protector. Essentially it is a big wheeled BMX bike for big kids. (Like say…..me!) Again, we’ll bring you more as we get the info.


No Responses to “A Couple Of Interesting New Models”

  1. AC Says:

    I’m loving the BMX 29er thing, so I cannot wait to see the “Big Ripper” I’m actually building up a Monocog to be BMXer/Dirtjumper. Should be fun …

  2. AC Says:

    Here’s a pic of the “Big Ripper” :


  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    AC: Actually, that pic is from the NAHBS and is a De Salvo custom version of a Quadangle. The Big Ripper will have a more conventional double diamond frame layout.

  4. AC Says:

    Thanks GT. Hindsight I wish I would have asked: is this the “Big Ripper” ? Because after I clicked ‘Submit’, I had a feeling that bike was NOT the “Big Ripper” .

    Thanks for the clarification!

  5. Desert9r Says:

    Good Bye Inbred, Hello Big Ripper! I guess IM gonna have an all SE stable.

  6. Dirt McGirt Says:


    That is all.

  7. popotimus Says:

    The Zaskar 9’r looks sweet. So does the GT Marathon 9’r but G. Ted didn’t like it. Would love to see a review of the Zaskar 9’r from you G. Ted! Any word yet on when the bike will be available in the U.S.? Thanks.

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