Ventana El Bastardo: A Preview

Months ago at the National Handmade Bicycle Show a 5″ full suspension bike was shown at Kirk Pacenti’s booth. The bike was named the El Bastardo being produced by Ventana USA. The thoughts and look of this bike excited me. THIS was what 650b was for. Teeter totters, 65 mile grinds in the mountains and big fat tires.

Last week took in a white El Bastardo which we will be building up in the next couple weeks. The frame was upgraded a bit from stock to quad bearings and a better Fox Float RP23. The build will include white Velocity Blunts, X-Fusion fork and a number of white parts, because white is the new pink.

The looks and beefy structure of the frame is apparent in the photos.  I have not weighed it in yet but that will be something to consider.


No Responses to “Ventana El Bastardo: A Preview”

  1. matt Says:

    That looks really nice, Ars.

  2. 198 Says:

    I have been riding Ventana’s for awhile now (current ride is an El Terremoto 6.0). The fit and finish on Sherwood’s frames are incredible. There is nothing like “Electric Sex Welds”.

    The new 650B bike is interesting. My guess is that it is going to ride a lot like the El Ciclon.

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