Salsa Cycles "Sol Sessions" Exclusive Coverage

Twenty Nine Inches is proud to be bringing you exclusive coverage of the Salsa “Sol Sessions” from Bloomington, Minnesota. Sol Sessions is Salsa’s press release and ride camp for it’s new 29″er model and a 26″er bike. (Of course, we’ll be focused on the big wheeler!)

Tomorrow you can expect to see images of the new bike, specs, and some commentary regarding this totally new platform from Salsa Cycles. Also, Salsa Cycles will be updating it’s web site with all the information from the press release tonight on Tuesday. Since much of the technical data will be there, Twenty Nine Inches will be bringing you a special report exclusive to this site. I can’t wait to spill the beans on the story I have, but it will be worth waiting to see.

Check back here tomorrow for the scoop……..


No Responses to “Salsa Cycles "Sol Sessions" Exclusive Coverage”

  1. Elvis Says:

    I recon’ it will be a 29 inch, El-Santo/Dos Niner mutant cross breed.

    But that’s just my opinion…

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