Looking Forward

Many things are going on here at Twenty Nine Inches. Here is a rundown of what you can expect to see over the coming days and months of summer. When it is time to chill out after your ride, stop by and check out what we will have to offer here soon!

single speed device

We’ll have some new rigs to talk about soon. Stay tuned for special coverage from the Salsa Cycles “Sol Sessions” coming up this week. Also, Twenty Nine Inches will be helping unveil a special hard tail frame from a surprising nameplate. We’ll be testing a couple of single speeds through out the summer months too.

Hi Fi in the desert sun

We’ll also be wrapping up our Gary Fisher Hi Fi Deluxe review with a final look at this Genesis 2 29″er trail bike.

Reba suspension fork

More fork shenanigans will be talked about including what will happen if you start fooling around with fork off set and axle to crown heights on one of your 29″ers. Following that up, we will discuss the latest trends in 29″er geometry and what they might mean to you.

WTB tire

Of course we’ll always be running tires and reviewing them here. Look for updates on tires from WTB, Schwalbe,Intense, and Continental. More tire news and reviews will be coming as well.

Follow that up with wheel news, tasty rumors, and the occaisional rant and we should have a pretty busy summer here at Twenty Nine Inches. Stay tuned for all the fun starting Monday night……..


No Responses to “Looking Forward”

  1. Gren Says:

    Looking forward to the HiFi review, it’s been a while since you rode it, is that a sign ;-))

    You changed the disc for your desert ride, but is a 160mm front disc enough for a 29er, or did GF mess up when they spec’d it ?

  2. Cloxxki Says:

    GT, I lost your email. May have something for you, with regard to the above.

    Happy trails,


  3. mike Says:

    I’m curious to see what you thought of the HiFi. When I had the chance to ride one I was amazed by the cornering but thought the total package was a bit unfocussed.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Gren: Yes, it has been awhile since I posted on it, but I have been riding it, and I’ll get that info out very soon. The rotor thing: More my personal preference than anything. I just believe the bigger rotors are better at stopping me. 🙂

    Cloxxki: Hit me up here: g.ted.productions@gmail.com

  5. MMcG Says:

    That Yellow Frame is real familiar. Dillinger yes?

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    MMcG: You got it! 😉

  7. BearSquirrel Says:

    It could be that I rode a size too small, but I was not as impressed with the 29er Hi-Fi as I was with the 26er high-fi. Like I said, it could be riding a bike one size too small.

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