Intense EX-2 Stickey Lite Tires: Update II

There has been more riding on the Intense Stickey Lite tires so I thought I’d update on my experiences. It was a totally different trail type and conditions, and a very different result.

Intense tire and a flower!

The trails were located at the site of the upcoming Big Wheeled Ballyhoo in Decorah, Iowa. The trails there are steep, twisty, and off camber. There are a lot of roots and busted and embedded limestone to trip you up too. Pretty tough stuff. And even tougher when it is wet!

My first passes were on the Palisades trail loop. It is a swoopy, roller coaster trail in the woods with a few technical spots thrown in for good measure. The trail was tacky, not muddy. Perfect for the tires. I felt attached to the trail like Velcro, only without the rolling resistance! This wasn’t to last; however, as I hit some really technical steeps and off camber trail further back in on Larsen’s Trail.

Intense tire vs. mud!

Larsen’s is much more technical and requires tons of grip just to get back in there. It’s a newer trail too, so it hasn’t gotten a real good line dialed into it yet. Consequently, it is a real tough nut to crack when it is wet.

The soil here is “greasy” when wet, just like your hub grease. It slips and slides around on tires for about an inch or less on the top before you dig into more solid ground. The Intense EX-2 Stickey Lites were simply no match for this situation. I was literally incapable of turning the bike without washing out. Roots took me to the down hill side of the trail like an express elevator. “Going down!” Yeah, it was no fun at all.

Since I couldn’t even climb without spinning out, I was pretty much relegated to walking out of larsen’s with my tail between my legs. I decided to cap off the ride with some more of the swoopy Palisades Trail single track to remove the bad taste in my mouth left from Larsen’s Loop. Once the EX-2’s cleared out, which didn’t take long, I was back to carving turns and having fun.

So, I guess the lesson here is that the Intense EX-2 Stickey Lite isn’t really a wet, slick, tech fest tire. I have some other weapons in mind for that kind of thing. I’ll be saving the Intense tires now for some drier trail duty. Stay tuned………


No Responses to “Intense EX-2 Stickey Lite Tires: Update II”

  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    interesting results with the wet – thanks for the update!

  2. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Well, the 206 won’t like that “no wet conditions” mess. Thanks for the heads up, homeslice!

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