Origin 8 Aluminum Scout 29"er

Origin 8, who will be at the upcoming Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, have finally taken inventory of their aluminum version of the Scout 29’er.

The bike, which is available only as a complete, will be offered in medium and large sizes (18″ and 20″) with effective top tube lengths of 23.8″ and 24.6″ respectively. A couple of other interesting measurements and geometry features to note: Parallel seat and head tube angles at 72 degrees. Chainstay measured at the middle point on the horizontal drop out is 17 inches. The fork offset for the rigid cro-moly fork is 45mm. The bottom bracket drop is 60mm.

The bike will come equipped with Mavic A317 disc rims, Maxxis Ignitor tires, Avid BB-5 disc brakes, Formula hubs (cassette single speed) and Truvativ Hussefelt crankset. The remainder of the spec is mostly Origin 8 components. The bike can also be set up as a geared hardtail with the integral derailluer hangar and cable stops.

I got a short spin on a medium sample and while being a bit undersized for me, I found it to be a very quick handling, sharp turning bike. The frame felt solid and the forged and CNC’ed chainstay yoke looked big enough to clear 2.3 inch tires with ease. Maybe even 2.5 inchers, we’ll have to check on that. Samples of both the Origin 8 Scouts will be on hand to be ridden at The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo on June 21st and 22nd. (Steel and Aluminum) Stop by and check them out if you can! Plus, I am hearing that Origin 8 will unviel a surprise at the Ballyhoo, so definitely be there to see what that might be. Origin 8 will also have a few samples of componentry to check out as well.


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  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    Cool – any word on price? I hope it’s the same good bargain Origin 8 is known for – more good budget options for the crowd.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    GLG: It will depend upon each LBS, but I am thinking that somewhere in the neighborhood of $650.00 to $700.00 will be about what you’ll see. That’s pretty good since it’s a very similar spec to a Raleigh XXIX and those are $750.00 plus MSRP.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see the retail go up though later in the year. It will be a industry wide trend. 😦

  3. Desert9r Says:

    Definately a direct competitor with th Stout, Any word on the weight of it? IM guessing 26 lbs stock?

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Desert9r: Good guess! I had the J&B guy weigh his sample- 26.5lbs! 🙂

  5. Desert9r Says:

    Not as good as my Stout, 25.85 stock, but heck of a lot better than my XXIX at 27 stock.

  6. l-dubb Says:

    Got a scout today! I am having a little trouble threading my x-9 der in the intergrated hangar. Any suggestions I do do not want to strip the threads?

  7. Desert9r Says:


    clean, re-tap the threads. that should do it.

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