Intense EX-2 Stickey Lite Tires: First Impressions

I was finally able to get out a bit on these new Intense tires and see just what they had going for them. Here are a few of my initial observations.

Intense tires on my bike

I was able to hit up some dry dirt and rode to and from the ride on some pavement. The first thing I noted was how the tires rolled. It would seem that they are about middle of the pack in terms of rolling resistance. Nothing amazing here in that respect. I did also notice how the EX-2’s were grabbing sand and small stones and flinging them all over the place. The stickey tread was the culprit there, no doubt. If I ran through a sand pile, the downtube would resonate from all the sand hitting it. Much more so than any other tires we have tested.

Tread shot

The cornering on dirt was amazing! I felt like the tire was planted and was not going to let go. I had about 30psi in the rear and about 27psi in the front, for those that want to know. The tires didn’t exhibit any squirmy feelings or any flexy casing characteristics either. They felt solid and sort of dead compared to some other tires I have ridden. I think the softer compounds used here are making for a different feeling at the handle bar.

I decided to lean into it on a paved corner going home at speed and the same stuck-to-the-trail feeling was there. Nary a hint of slippage. I did notice that when I got home there was noticeable wear on the tread though, so I think the EX-2’s have seen there last pavement ride! I’m going to reserve the rest of the testing for true single track, rougher trails, and some off camber soon.

My impression so far is that the EX-2 Stickey Lite is stickey for sure, but not so light, and feels sort of sluggish due to the rubber compound used. We’ll see if different trails impart any of these feelings and report back soon.


No Responses to “Intense EX-2 Stickey Lite Tires: First Impressions”

  1. 198 Says:

    Great write-up. I will be interested in hearing how the Intense’s do in other trail conditions. I got my first rides in on the new Ardents over the weekend.

    The EX-2’s look like they have a thicker casing from the pictures.

  2. Desert9r Says:

    GT- you peaked my interest, these sound like a lot like the Fire XC, So, how do the EX-2s compare to the Mtn. Kings?

  3. Gord Says:

    They look good… what widths do they make them in? I can see 2.25 from the photo, but I’d prefer something a little narrower.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Desert9r: The Fire XC and Mountain King have more in common than do the Intense EX-2’s. The Intense tires knobs are a lot different, lower, ramped, and I don’t think are as well suited to “severe” conditions as are the Conti or Panaracer. The EX-2’s strike me as more of a dry conditions tire, but we’ll see about that soon. 😉

    Gord: I believe these are it for 29″er tires from Intense. They are not all that wide, so they may just do the trick for you, unless you are really looking for a sub 2 incher.

  5. Rick Woodward Says:

    I’m biased.
    I work for the Importer of Intense Tires in New Zealand – there, no more ace cards..
    However in a previous life I could ride whatever I liked – one day we were out in the winter mud on a long wet up and down ride – the only person still riding at the top of the hill was a girl (I know, A girl !) and she was riding these tires albeit in 26 inch guise. All the blokes had bailed/slipped off/given up.
    These are a deceptively versatile tire – stick with them.
    And give Gregorio at VSI the hurry up to ship mine to New Zealand so I can ride them !

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