Fast Boy Cycles : Step Two

Going into this custom build I had many wants and needs. This is why I was going custom and not sticking with the stock bikes I had been riding for the past few years.

The first need was S&S couplers. These couplers allow you to take the bike apart in the middle of the main triangle to travel with it much easier. They make boxes, suitcases and backpacks for these frames. The S&S couplers also do not make the frame any weaker. If anything that joint is stronger than the original tubing that was in it’s place.

My second need was drop outs. Sliding drop outs. This bike was mainly going to be single speed but I wanted the option to go gears in the rear if needed. I’m not a big fan of eccentric bottom brackets, mainly from a fit standpoint. Enter Paragon Machine Works and their sliding drop outs. The rear wheel drops out like a standard bike and you can replace the right drop out with a rear derailleur hanger or one without. Depending on my mood.

Finally front suspension. The reason I was drawn to 29ers a few years ago was the big wheels allowed me to run fully rigid most the time. Sure I had a back up suspension fork for long rides or unknown travels but rigid is where I like to spend most my time. 650b wheel does roll over things rather well. We (meaning me, myself and I) decided on a 100mm suspension corrected rigid fork. The first reason being I wanted flex in my fork and the second reason is if I do go suspension, I prefer 100mm over 80mm. Especially on big wheels.

The next post in this series will be the second to last. Stop back to see how it all ended up together!


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