Neo Moto : Long Term

The Pacenti Neo Moto tire is what introduced me to 650b. As it is currently the ONLY tire available to the masses, it probably is what has gotten you here to or at least interested.

The tire is a home run. If you are to make a tire to introduce the world to a wheel size, this is it. Heavy enough for all mountain riders, but smooth enough of a ride for the XC junky. It pleases everyone and maybe fully satisfies some.

Like I stated in an earlier post, on the Pacenti Quasi Moto tires, I have been running this tire up front and the soon to be available Quasi Moto in the rear. I have found the tire to be a bit of a drag in the rear end. The large knobs really hook the sand in the South East which can be a burden to push around on single speed gearing.

Tire pressure is normally dancing around 20-25 depending on the terrain. Often I have been pushing the limits of the side walls with super low pressure and heavy turning in but they have survived like they should. I haven’t had a bead come unseated like some have mentioned on Mountain Bike Review. I will be going tubeless soon with these tires and I strongly think this is where the tire will shine.

So far I am giving this tire 4 stars out of 5.  Mainly due to weight.


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  1. d*pow Says:

    I’ve been riding these tires since the middle of the summer 2007. The other day I rode 6 miles on an active rail road grade. (along the easement, not down the tracks) Such a ride on a standard 26 inch bike I’ve tried and it sucked. The Neo-Moto at about 40 PSI rolled over all the rocks and crap along the track that I encountered. It “floated” more that I thought it would, and though on paper such a ride sounds pretty boring, it was quite fun.
    Last fall, I “raced” the ore to shore epic in upper Michigan, a 48 mile slog mostly through sugary sand, and again these tires floated really well.
    yes they are heavy. yes there is rolling resistance, but their girth makes them very special in their float and their ability to roll over stuff.

  2. Neo Moto - MTBR Tire of the Year | 650b Says:

    […] our review of the Neo Moto tire and also check out MTBR’s. // Used for showing and hiding user information in the comment […]

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