Diamondback Overdrive Pro: Update

Spring has sprung here and now we’re bustin’ out all the review stuff again out on the local trails. One of the latest rigs to get thrashed is the Diamondback Overdrive Pro.

Diamondback Overdrive Pro in Spring!

If you have not read the previous update, you might check that out. I tell you there about the different way in which Diamondback approached the handling on this bike. It will figure heavily into this update as well.

First off, let me give you the lowdown on the trails I rode the Overdrive Pro on for this update. The local loop I hit up is very technical. Lots of up and down, slow speed manuevering, and log hops galore. It has been a bit on the muddy side yet too, making the difficulty factor much higher. Basically it is a trail that a 29″er is supposed to be poor at, much less a 29″er that doesn’t follow the trend to make the big wheels handle like a 26″er.

Well, let me say that what I found in the Diamondback’s handling in the winter translated right over to the spring muck, mire, and steeps. It was super stable at low and high speeds lending a sense of security and confidence that a “twitchier” bike would not have done. It motored through the mud with nary a slip out and launched over log piles and obstacles with ease. I was really impressed with how the 100mm travel Reba worked with this frame geometry. It didn’t feel like I was driving a truck so much as it seemed that the bike was on a rail, even in slippery conditions. I had a hoot on it riding these trails and I would not hesitate to grab this bike for a woods adventure anytime.

In fact, I’m going to do just that when it dries up a bit more because I think the Overdrive Pro is going to be the rig that I clean this entire loop on for the first time ever. Really, it’s that good at technical stuff. It doesn’t look like it should be on paper, and it certainly isn’t a lightweight, but it is a whole lot of fun to ride on technical woodsy trails.

Rack eyelet!

And another rack mount?!

One of the little things I noticed was that this rig has rack mounts! An obscure but useful feature that some of you may want to know about on the Overdrive series. Being able to fit a rack, (with some modding on the disc side, but do-able) might make this the “do-it-all” bike you are looking for. Commuting on your 29″er now becomes an option here, which I think is a cool feature.

We’ll be motoring up to the home of the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo with the Overdrive Pro soon and will report back on our findings. Stay Tuned!


No Responses to “Diamondback Overdrive Pro: Update”

  1. Choke Says:

    Even better, it doesn’t look like it’ll have fender, tire, and derailler clearance issues like my Karate Monkey & I wouldn’t have to modify the mount to use SKS fenders.

  2. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Wowie! Look at that Raleig…. oops. I mean Dback! SWEEEET

  3. L-A Says:

    Hi there! I’m actively shopping for a MTB 29er bike and I desperately need some good and serious advises. I’m looking for a reliable machine that I will use for different purposes: riding off road, commuting (all year around – snow, wet weather), etc. I have a budget ranging from 1 000.00 to 1 500.00 $. I’m 6’-4” and weight 210 lbs: I need something robust! Can I get some guidance here? What would you recommend? Thank you very much in advance! L-A

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    L-A: Well, you’re lookin’ at it! 😉

    If you can find a Cobia or X-Cal from Fisher they are worth a look too.

  5. L-A Says:

    Hi Ted. Thanks. Do you know if Diamondback bikes are distributed in Canada? I visited their web site but couldn’t find such evidence.

  6. sam Says:

    whats the pice range

  7. sam Says:

    whats the price range

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    sam: The Overdrive Pro should be about $1100.00 or so. I have not gotten an updated price, but as you may know, bicycle prices are on the rise, so this may be off a bit.

  9. L-A Says:

    Hello Ted. I followed your recommendation and I bought the X-Caliber from GF. I just love it! It’s great to drive and very agile despite it’s size. I’m a beginner at mountain biking but I feel that this bike will bring me lots of good rides. More comments to come later. Here in Finland winter will soon hit us. Can’t wait to ride my GF in trails covered with snow! I was told that 29ers are just great in winter conditions as well. Let’s see.

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