Sea Otter: Recap

There was so much great news and rumors at Sea Otter that I want to put it all in one good post.

Rubber: 650b tire rumors or visuals were leaking out from almost every large manufacture present.

  • WTB – Check
  • Schwalbe – Check
  • Kenda – Check
  • Maxxis – Didn’t want to say. (Now what does THAT mean?!?)
  • Intense Tires – Was thinking about it, but going to hold off now.

Bikes: Many people did not want to going on record about what they are thinking about, doing or testing. But everything was encouraging and many companies will have something for Interbike time.

Suspension : This is the big hold up for 650b bikes being made by the BIG names. Until a large company bites the bullet for 650b wheels it will be hard for anyone to get behind a movement that wouldn’t hit well with bike shops. ( Selling rigid bikes isn’t easy for most shops in the US.) Looks like Interbike will have BIG things coming for it.

Wheels : Not too much news here. I’m pretty happy to see how many wheels are already offered with 650b. Between Velocity, Sun and Stans most of the bases are covered.


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