Masiguy – Down for the Count

Please read and not think this is spam.

Masi Guy. A beloved bicycle industry writer, blogger and guro – Tim Jackson. Hit the boards on the track earlier this week. He sustained a concussion, a broken rib and nearly severed his right thumb clean off. At the moment he has a blood clot behind his left eye and three cracked vertebrae in his neck – hence the neck brace – which they say he’ll have to live with for the next six weeks. We are waiting for the results of a cat scan to determine the condition of his right knee…

Please check out Racer Blue Squirrel for further details. Also if you have ever been moved by Tim’s post or advice, think about donating to his cause.


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  1. nalax Says:

    Wow, wish him the best for his recovery.
    I just know him from the masiguy blog but it’s always been cool to read.

  2. Tim Jackson- The Masiguy Says:

    Slowly making the rounds of the blogosphere to offer thanks to so many great friends.

    Thank you for the support and extremely kind words. I can’t begin to tell you how much all the support has meant to me.

    I’ll be back… I promise.

    Thank you again for making me feel so special- I don’t know how or why I deserve it, but I am more thankful than I can possibly tell you.


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