History, Economics, And "Grace": Gary Fisher's Take

In my travels, I have had the opportunity to sit and speak with Gary Fisher a few times and have actually gotten to ride with him on one occaison. While opinions run the gamut on Gary Fisher, the man, one thing is undeniable: the man loves bikes.

Anyone who has been where Gary has been has something worth while to hear and if you take the time to really listen to this clip, I think you’ll agree. Here it is, check it out and see what you think.


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  1. name:este Says:

    But what about Don Cook? I thought he invented the 29″ wheel. I mean Dirt Rag said so so it must be true. But here is Gary grabbing for the gold ring once again, you go boy!

    Believe what you will about the origins of 29″ers the biggest thing is that they exist. For your pleasure or not as the case may be, still, after all these years. In fact just in time for another revolution to happen which is in the wings and yet again waiting to take its sweet and sour time gaining acceptance. I guess it is time to let Gary in on it so he can go for the hat trick! Cause you know having big industry on your side gets er’ done like nothing else can. Another example of this here:


    Peace to the People, Right On!

  2. name:este Says:

    But what about Don Cook, I thought Dirt Rag said he invented the 29″ wheel? And here goes that natty Gary Fisher usurping him for the gold ring. The nerve.

    Believe what you will about the origins of the 29″ wheel. The bottom line is that it is what it is for those that it calls to and not for those that it doesn’t. Just in time for the next revolution in bike technology to replace it perhaps? Better get Gary on to it though so he can go for the hat trick. Cause you know big industry gets er’ done like no one else can.

  3. mtroy Says:

    I rode with GF years ago pre-Trek and he was a cool guy, it seemed. Now lately, I have run into him twice at two local events and sat in a round table discussion on bikes, etc and just listened.

    You are right, GT. He loves bikes and bike people…or, he is a fake. I don’t think he is faking about the stoke. I doubt you could keep the charade going that long. As far as the history of the whole 29er thing…meh!….I don’t care. His take, Don’s take. I am just glad it happened.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    name:este: So, Gary Fisher Bicycles is akin to a giant, (in terms of comparison to a bicycle company) agra-business that is responsible for bringing the human race to a “fibrous end”?

    Umm………..yeah, right. Nice try.

    Now as far as your and mtroy’s alluding to a “who’s first” mentality, I don’t hear that in this clip. Gary Fisher was involved, that is what I hear. I agree that the whole “first 29″er” thing is sooo silly. Really, it isn’t as important as some make it out to be.

    It is interesting to get some insight into the “why” of the wheelsize, and that is what I hoped would be drawn from this post. 🙂

  5. Dirt McGirt Says:

    He may not have invented the concept (who really cares who did?) But he DID facilitate the first 29er tires and commercially available 29ers.

    It’s kinda like Specialized. They didn’t invent the mountain bike, they just made it easier to get one. And that, for some reason, entitles them to have a Stumpjumper in the Smithsonian. Hmmmmmmm…….. somebody got some happy ending from Mike Sinyard……

    You likey?
    Me likey!

  6. Cloxxki Says:

    Gary deserves more credit than he’s asking for.
    In he super-conservative Trek corp., he managed to get 29″ on the map. Sales were low at first, and he prevented the board rooms to cut their losses and make Fisher their B-brand to compete with the low-cost-prodducing brands out there.
    What happened is this : 29″ started making a profit. That is a good thing, as it ensured we’re getting more of it. Concorde was great, but it made a loss, so it doesn’t fly anymore.
    Fisher made great investments in dary production runs, and especially fork pre-ordering. They went further than any 26″ maker ever did, getting involved in the OEM specs to ensure bikes were going to be better than before. THey got out and actually tried what worked best out on the trail, and their findings are in the catalogue under 29er.

    Gary most certainly is for real. He went through a lot to get the scene where it is today, and he certainly didn’t have any 29″ stocks or whatever crap folks will say. His job is to get riders the best possible bikes. Ride a 2008 Fisher 29″er, and see what his present idea if that is.
    G2 is totally out there, and it WILL become part of the new standad of making bikes. Who doesn’t follow, will have to advertise their bikes agressively to ensure no-one test rides a Fisher or other contempory brand.

    Oh he’s for real alright. Last Eurobike, he let some journalists wait a half hour just to have lunch with a bunch of bike nuts, and talk bikes together.

    And should you doubt whether he can even ride at all, find him in the UCI archives and be amazed.

    Thanks for sticking with us on this one Gary! With you, we’d all still be able to choose between custom and a Surly.
    BTW, Gary had 29″ ers on teh market a year and a half before Surly came. In-tween were just some obscure European brands, now all gone. Because they did not know how to make and sell the 29″ers.

  7. jeremyuk Says:

    Gary may not have invented 29ers, but then he never claimed to. He was the midwife that made sure that baby got born.
    For the first 3 years in the UK Fisher were still selling first year bikes, they bombed that badly. He obviously believed in the concept and put a lot into it.
    I’ve still yet to spot any mainstream 29er bikes out on the trails, but they are beginning to follow along behind the smaller producers

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