Handmade: Shamrock Cycles

The end of February I some how found my way at a frame builders site under the name Shamrock Cycles. The man behind it, Tim O’Donnell, and I traded many emails. I asked many questions, about wheels, about rides, his lovely bikes and seeing that he was building a full suspension 650b bike around the new Ventana 650b rear end.

The basic geometry numbers are as followed:

  • ETT= 610mm
  • HT length= 125mm
  • TT angle= 20 degrees
  • HT Angle= 70 degrees
  • ST Angle= 73 degrees
  • Built to suit a 490mm +/- axle to crown fork since I have a Fox Talas 130mm that works with the 650b wheels

Tim kept sending me photos of his updated frame. Finally adding them to his account for the world to gawk and want. I watched it progress from tubes and a drawing into a working frame.

Finally tonight he sent me the finished product. Beautifully done small details, like the flower or the disc rotors acting as shock mounts.

  • Dedacciai 38mm downtube,
  • Columbus 28.6mm toptube,
  • Pacenti Heavy Mettle 31.8mm seat tube.
  • 4130 gussets at seat/top tube cluster and at the rocker pivot.
  • Ventana 650b 5″ rear assembly.
  • Manitou Evolver frame shock.
  • Total frame weight 7.9lbs including frame shock and all bolts.
  • Full bike build is 30.1lbs including pedals.

Well done Tim! I know if I was in the market for a 650b custom full suspension where I would be going!


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